Low Carb Diets Revisited: The Atkins Controversy

by Phil Kaplan |   Date Released : 19 May 2003
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Phil Kaplan

About the author: Phil Kaplan

Phil Kaplan has been referred to as The World's Most In-Demand Fitness Professional and Master of Body Transformation. With inside information and raw passion, Phil travels the world empowering thousands to reshape bodies and teaching fitness professionals to grow by serving others.

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holladay, james | 30 Jun 2009, 02:49 AM

I thought this was a really good article although I'm not happy about one piece of information contained within. I realise this article is 6 years old, but even still the whole saturated fat causing heart disease was actually debunked by the scientist who first made that conclusion, by that time the American and other goverments started coming out with their healthy eating guidelines, rather than doing an about face and admitting their error they rubbished the scientist whose advise they originally accepted without question. If you look at autopsy's done of people who died from heart disease the 'clog' is 76% unsaturated fat with 24% of that being polyunsaturated fats.
The main confusion stems from goverment guidelines and organizations such as the British Heart Foundation who pay pharmaceutical companys to do their research. Myostatin, the main drug for heart disease is a 95 billion dollar a year industry. It is not in their best interests for people to eat healthy, doing so would affect their profits and thats the bottom line, not helping people.
Thank you,
J. S. Holladay

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