Knee Popping

by Jeff Thaxton |   Date Released : 28 May 2008
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Jeff Thaxton

About the author: Jeff Thaxton

Jeff Thaxton is a Certified Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise. He earned a BS degree in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University in 2001 and has continuing education certifications in human movement, advanced program design, nutrition for special populations, counseling for health and fitness professionals, overcoming fitness plateaus and others. He is the owner of an in home personal training business called Fit for Life, and he has volunteer experience in physical therapy clinics and cardiopulmonary units.

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Tolliver, Stephen | 10 Oct 2014, 14:42 PM

Thanks for the info, Jeff. I have crepitus in my right knee (I believe due to a posterior tilt in my right hip), which causes pain when I lunge, decent stairs, or sometimes squat. I am concerned that this is only going to get worse. Any suggestions on fixing the imbalance or dealing with it in general? It has also contributed to a small tear in the plantar fascia of my left foot. Any help is appreciated.



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