Inflammatory Foods - Part 1

by Isabel De Los Rios |   Date Released : 01 Feb 2008
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Isabel De Los Rios

About the author: Isabel De Los Rios

Isabel De Los Rios has been involved in the health and fitness industry for the past 10 years. She graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in exercise physiology. She is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from the National Strength and Conditioning Association, a Level 2 CHEK Practitioner, and a Level 1 Holistic and Lifestyle Coach. Isabel spends her days counseling clients on the principles of healthy nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits in her private studio in Florham Park, New Jersey. She is the author of "The Diet Solution: Start Eating" and "Start Living," a detailed nutrition manual with accompanying audio CD, available at Isabel also spends her time coaching other trainers and nutritionists on business development and career advancement.

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Sinitiere, Nick | 18 Aug 2011, 15:54 PM

Excellent article....I fully agree with your methodology (but more importantly, science is in full agreement).

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