How to Market Yourself

by Darren Jacobson |   Date Released : 30 Dec 2006
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Darren Jacobson

About the author: Darren Jacobson

Darren Jacobson holds a BS in Human Movement Science, is a feature writer for numerous industry publications and has presented at top fitness conventions throughout South Africa, Canada and the USA. Having innovated the cutting edge Franchise Personal Training concept for Virgin Active South Africa, he oversees 84 health clubs and over 680 personal fitness trainers.

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Comments (4)

Church, Tim | 18 Dec 2013, 13:24 PM

I love the "right to the point" structure of this article.
Spot on, Thank you!

Samuel, Robin | 23 Jul 2011, 22:48 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article, very insightful and helpful!

gumede, sizwe | 18 Jan 2011, 10:26 AM

Great article, I am ready to go out there and sell

moreno, cecilio | 04 Oct 2009, 08:26 AM

extremely helpful. Brings it back to the basics of building a buisness out of fitness. A must to use in all health clubs

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