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by Tony Reynolds |   Date Released : 20 Jul 2006
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Tony Reynolds

About the author: Tony Reynolds

Tony Reynolds, MS, CSCS, YCS II, is founder and Director of Performance for Progressive Sporting Systems incorporated in Terre Haute, Indiana. Tony graduated from Indiana State University with a Masters Degree in Sport Biomechanics. Since 2006, Tony has worked extensively with professional, college and high school athletes. His resume includes the International Performance Institute in Florida, the Cincinnati Reds, Indiana State University, Rose Hulman Institute of Technology, St Mary of the Woods and numerous high school teams.

Currently, Tony is serving on the Executive Counsel and Board of Directors for the International Youth Conditioning Association. Through this position, he serves to manage and help develop the quickly growing organization. Tony is a co-author for the IYCA’s foundational textbook Developmental Essentials and is one of three elite lecturers that present and certify the IYCA’s Level II and III certifications. Tony has helped to design all three levels of the IYCA’s certification exams.

Tony is a featured author and sport performance expert for many strength and conditioning resources including SportSpecific.com, Athlete.com, Bodybuilding.com, Completetrackandfield.com and Soccerspecific.com. Additionally, Tony has lectured for Indiana State Univeristy, presented at the Ryan Lee Bootcamp, IYCA Level II seminars and the Annual Midwest Strength, Conditioning & Rehabilitation Symposium.

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Rohner, Douglas | 25 Sep 2009, 05:02 AM

I definately think that this a great list of suggestions put together. These are great fundamentals when not on the mat. One thing to make note of as well is keeping that absolute strength throughout a long season and the "weight cutting" that usually goes along with it. Very rarely do wrestlers gain strength during the season but try to keep what they have prior to the entire season.

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