Heart Rate Irregularities

by World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S) |   Date Released : 17 Apr 2008
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World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S)

About the author: World Instructor Training Schools (W.I.T.S)

Jay Del Vecchio, the founder of W.I.T.S. has been an advocate for establishing national standards for the health and fitness training industry since the early 1980’s. As a manager for Holiday Health and Fitness, now known as Bally’s, Jay’s primary frustration was the incompetence of most professional trainers, which tarnished the image of the industry as a whole.

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Comments (2)

Anderson, Sarah | 30 May 2012, 18:23 PM

Sally, I too have come across the same anomaly with one of my clients. The same scenario happened on the treadmill where a "hard" effort created a lowered heart rate and an easy walking pace created a higher heart rate. I discussed it with my co-workers and I looked for an answer every place I could think of but had no luck. I too would like to better understand why this happened.

CHAMBERLAIN, GAIL | 11 Aug 2011, 21:21 PM

The client should be evaluated by a doctor for atrial fibrillation.

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