Foot Strike & Functional Movement: Part 1

by Emily Splichal |   Date Released : 13 Jun 2014
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Emily Splichal

About the author: Emily Splichal

Dr. Emily Splichal, Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist, is the Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy. With over 10 years in the fitness industry, Dr. Splichal has dedicated her medical career towards studying postural alignment and human movement as it relates to foot posture and foot strength. Dr Splichal is expert lecturer and TV personality with appearances on Oprah Winfrey, The Today Show & Good Day NY. Dr Splichal is sought after for her expertise in barefoot training, foot health and postural alignment.

Degrees/Certifications: Doctor of Podiatric Medicine (DPM), Master's in Public Health (Fall Reduction), M.S. Human Movement, NASM-CES, NSCA – CPT

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Comments (1)

Bramer, Blake | 24 Sep 2014, 22:40 PM

The above article is very informative on how our body naturally moves to meet the demands of walking. I liked how you used the term "spiraling" to demonstrate our body not only flexes at joints to absorb the shock of ground reactions, but it also uses internal and external rotation of each leg to help as well.

In the following paragraph: "Proper joint alignment in Midstance requires triplantar stability of the lower extremity. We will want to note pelvic stability in the frontal plane, knee stability in the transverse plane, and foot stability in the frontal plane." you mention that our body requires triplanar stability, but then only suggest that each joint is stable in one plane. I disagree, especially the pelvis has to be stable in all three planes. For example, even if it was stable in the frontal plane, the pelvis could still maintain an anterior tilt in the sagittal plane and cause other compensations by the lower extremities.

Other than that small detail, I really enjoyed reading this article and learning about other professional's thoughts as they relate to the gait cycle. I am looking forward to reading the second part.

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