Fibromyalgia - Exercise Prescription

by Colleen Black-Brown |   Date Released : 23 Mar 2000
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Colleen  Black-Brown

About the author: Colleen Black-Brown

Colleen is a specialist in the causes and treatment of fibromyalgia. Since 1997, she has been designing and conducting research and intervention programs for fibromyalgia clients using the F.L.I.P. approach (Fibromyalgia Lifestyle Intervention Program).

F.L.I.P., the exercise intervention program she designed and initiated in 1997, is targeted towards increasing exercise tolerance and muscle tone enough to mask the pain and symptoms associated with fibromyalgia. This program includes an exercise prescription and guidelines from the beginner to advanced levels.

Colleen and her husband, Dr. Barry Brown, are widely renowned for their efforts to increase public understanding of the positive impact that sound exercise can have on reducing the symptoms of fibromyalgia.

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