Fermented Soy Is the Best Soy

by Matthew Kadey |   Date Released : 30 Jul 2005
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Matthew Kadey

About the author: Matthew Kadey

Matt Kadey is a Canadian-based dietitian and freelance journalist. His passion for all things food is only outdone by a humungous case of chronic wanderlust that has led him on cycling adventures to Ethiopia, New Zealand, Laos, Ireland and Syria, among others. In addition to running Well Fed Man, Matt currently writes for dozens of publications such as Men's Health, Muscle & Fitness and Her Sports. 

Matt specializes in nutrition and exercise principles of weight management, chronic disease management through nutrition and exercise (e.g., diabetes, hypertension, heart disease), sports nutrition, nutritional aspects of food intolerances (e.g., wheat sensitivity, lactose intolerance), special diets such as vegetarianism and weight gain through nutrition and exercise. He holds the following degrees/certifications:

  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Nutrition): University of Guelph
  • Masters Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology: Florida State University
  • Registered Dietitian with The Ontario College of Dietitians Member of Dietitans of Canada

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