Female STD and Weight Gain

by Joshua Rubin |   Date Released : 20 Dec 2005
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Joshua Rubin

About the author: Joshua Rubin

Josh Rubin began his career in the health and fitness industry as an Occupational Therapist on the east coast. After working with the geriatric population for many years, he decided to take his career to the next level. By incorporating his flexibility, exercise and rehabilitation background together, he began working with individuals of all ages within the personal training industry. This is where he found his love for corrective exercise and began his educational journey with the C.H.E.K Institute. As well as developing his clinical skills, in 2002 EastWest Healing and Performance was born. His goal was to provide individuals with an individualized corrective exercise and health/vitality program and educate them along the way. Josh takes a holistic approach to the increased health and vitality when treating physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sickness. He incorporates many Eastern and Western Philosophies to the assessment and treatment of his clients.

Josh currently works out of the C.H.E.K Institute in Vista, California as an OTR/L, CHEK 2, NLC 3, Golf Biomechanic, CMTA, NMT and Universal Tao Practitioner. He also volunteers his time once a week to the San Diego Cancer Institute in Vista and Encinitas, California to educate current cancer patients, caregivers and survivors on the importance of nutrition and basic lifestyle principles. He currently works with many schools and gyms in the North SD County area on such topics as Metabolic Typing, Nutrition, Lifestyle Coaching, Posture, Movements in the gym, etc. As well as writing articles for PTontheNET.com, he writes articles for the CHEK Report, local newspapers, and local golf magazines and speaks at local organic grocery markets. He currently is beginning the next journey in his life by attending Pacific College of Oriental Medicine for his Masters in Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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Jensen, Jill | 25 Feb 2020, 15:57 PM

I’m currently dealing with this exact same thing. Almost to a T! I’m an avid weight lifter and eat an over all healthy diet.

I’m wondering if you know the our come or if the women listed above was able to get her weight back under control.

Second, I only have one adrenal gland. Years ago I developed a tumor (cushings disease) my cortisol shot through the roof and I gains so much weight. It was during a pregnancy so I didn’t realize what was happening.

My biggest concern is only having one adrenal gland and it being under stress or fatigue. Do you have any input or suggestions? Should I see my doctor to get my cortisone checked?


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