Eye Strength for Athletes

by Nathan Thomas |   Date Released : 22 Mar 2005
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Nathan Thomas

About the author: Nathan Thomas

The state of the industry is kind of hard to define at this moment in time. I feel that there still needs to be drastic changes in regards to how training is approached, and there needs to be stricter educational guidelines. The large health club industry is definitely not doing fitness professionals or training in general any justice. They are based solely on revenue instead of actually training clients; this is because of the way the pay structure is set up. I also constantly see and hear fitness professionals bashing and trying to break each other down instead of supporting and making the industry better. On a more positive note, the part of the industry that I am in (sports training) is thriving and advancing rapidly. My love for fitness, health and sports is deep, and I have a true passion for what I do. My goal is to educate all those in the sports realm as well as learn from them. I strive daily to become a better athlete, professional and educator.

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