Exercise and Immune Response

by Eric Durak |   Date Released : 18 Oct 2001
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Eric Durak

About the author: Eric Durak

Eric Durak is the President of Medical Health and Fitness in Santa Barbara, CA, and the director of Cancer Wellness continuing education programs worldwide. He has devoted his career to the application of exercise to individuals with medical conditions. He is the author of over 150 health and medical articles, 18 books, chapters and monographs and over 120 national and international lectures in sports medicine and health promotion. Eric has given over 40 national lectures and workshops on exercise and cancer. He was voted the top speaker at the 1996 IHRSA conference on this topic and was awarded the 1999 IHRSA Institute award for the best clinical health program in a health club. Eric directs national workshops in Exercise Medicine post rehab courses, many cancer wellness workshops and national lectures and health and medical conferences each year.

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