Dry Land Swim Training - Part 1

by Paul Collins |   Date Released : 30 Sep 2000
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Paul Collins

About the author: Paul Collins

Paul Collins is a leader in fitness, weight loss and exercise product education. His experience includes working at the grass roots right through to presenting to elite sporting bodies such as the Australian Track and Field Coaching Association, Australia Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association, Australian Rugby League and the Australian Fitness Industry, being a Personal Fitness Coach of world class athletes including Australian Olympic and Paralympic Swimming World Champions as well as Strength and Conditioning Coach of elite sporting teams including Manly Rugby Union Team and the Australian Karate Team. Paul has played grade rugby league in the national league, been an Australian National Budokan Karate Champion, A-grade Squash Player and NSW Masters Athletics Track and Field State Champion. He has been featured in many publications including Men's Health (UK), Inside Sport magazine, The Daily Telegraph, Tracks, FHM and Network. Paul has a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education and holds various internationally recognized certifications.

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henderson, Brian | 16 May 2013, 16:19 PM

UGGH This means I actually have to swim!!!

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