Does Alcohol Make You Fat?

by Alan Russell |   Date Released : 31 Jan 2001
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Alan Russell

About the author: Alan Russell

Alan Russell joins NASM from his position as coordinator of sports performance and reconditioning at Physiotherapy Associates' Tempe, Arizona clinic. Previously, he spent nine seasons with the Anaheim Angels baseball club as a certified athletic trainer. Alan has reconditioned hundreds of professional baseball and football players, as well as elite track-and-field, college and high-school athletes. Russell received his Bachelor’s degree in athletic training from Boise State University. He is currently pursuing his master’s degree in sports nutrition.

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Lewis, Rob | 03 Oct 2009, 11:35 AM

i have read some theories that suggest that due to alcohol not having a storage mechanism it has to be eliminated from the body by excreation, therefore do the calories associated with alcohol mean anything if it has to be excreated?

This is not to say that alcohol doesn't make you fat because there is still cho, pro and fat to contend with but its an interesting thought.

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