Dislocated Shoulder

by Ken Kinakin |   Date Released : 25 Jan 2008
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Ken Kinakin

About the author: Ken Kinakin

Dr. Kinakin has been the Chief Physician for the Canadian National Powerlifting Team for the past 10 years and has been appointed as a Consultant to the International Powerlifting Federation Medical Committee. Dr. Kinakin attends World Competitions as the Meet Physician.

With Dr. Ken Kinakin competing in Bodybuilding and Powerlifting for over 19 years, he has not only the scientific background from his chiropractic education, but he also has a very practical expertise in the area of weight training injuries and rehabilitation techniques and protocols. This has led Dr. Ken Kinakin to teach Certified Personal Trainers and Doctors in Canada and the United States on weight training techniques and injury prevention and has personally created a new organization called the "Society of Weight-Training Injury Specialists" (S.W.I.S.).

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