Dangers of Dairy

by Paul Eastwood |   Date Released : 17 Nov 2008
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Paul Eastwood

About the author: Paul Eastwood

Paul Eastwood has been coaching in sport for over 10 years and has spent the last six coaching in London. Paul has taught in some of the most reputable clubs London has to offer: the Hogarth club, Mayfair Holmes place and Cannons flagship club in Covent Garden, to name a few. Paul has done his own seminars on PT marketing and development and is now crossing the water to the US with 02 Fitness clubs.

Paul continues to build upon his Sports Science degree where he served under Prof. Bruce Davies, the ex director of the BOMC (British Olympic Medical Centre). He writes numerous articles for fitness web sites. Paul is traditionally a strength and conditioning coach but is ever advancing into sports nutrition and developing the mind, body, spirit link to performance.

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Comments (4)

Peaco, Matthew | 17 Jul 2014, 01:32 AM

I also disagree with much of this article for many reasons. The main one being that cancer cells turn into cells that "cannot die". That is simply not true. In fact, they can be killed by simple methods including cutting out sugar (cancers main source of energy) As well as avoiding carcinogens, Juicing your body back to health, significantly increasing vitamin D intake(at least 8,000IU when not receiving daily sunlight exposure) and using treatments with cannabis oil. I encourage everyone to research these topics further.

Source: lots and lots of real research. I suggest everyone do more of this rather than listen to the soul "authoritative companies".

Ford, Christopher | 02 Jun 2014, 14:43 PM

Hi, it should be clear that this article contains some serious misrepresentations/misunderstandings of the science. For example, basic biochemistry tells us that IGF-1 is a peptide hormone. That means that the stomach's acidity (citric acid) rapidly and easily breaks down IGF-1, thereby rendering it inactive. Thus, there is absolutely no threat of IGF-1 (even if it were in milk) exerting its effects upon consumption by humans. Similarly, steroid hormones (read: lipid-based) are denatured when superheated through cooking or pasteurization, again rendering them inactive. Thus, again, there would be no threat that steroid hormones present in cooked meats, or pasteurized dairy products would exert effects upon consumption by humans.

graham, angela | 02 May 2010, 16:55 PM

what a fantastic article... i will indeed spread this knowledge to all of my clients; although i have been advising this for some time-but i am grateful for such a great reference.
One of my clients is sensitive to cold milk and has typical symptoms of bloating and stomache upset-but-if she warms the milk up she has NO symptoms??
can u explain why please??
Many thanks

Robinson, Kirsty | 05 Feb 2010, 04:56 AM

I am very passionate about health and the current health industry. I am studying two bachelor degrees in health science and am so pleased to find out that the fitness industry is realising how important food is to the body. A subject i have found most General Practitioners are not interested in exploring, even in relationship to health issues relating directly to their patients. I have been looking for a well referenced article about the detriment of dairy to give to friends especially those who have children or are using whey-protein supplements, as i do not consume dairy my self.

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