Core Training and Glute Activation

by Michael Boyle |   Date Released : 03 Oct 2005
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Michael Boyle

About the author: Michael Boyle

Michael Boyle is known internationally for his pioneering work in the field of strength and conditioning and is regarded as one of the top experts in the area for sports performance training. He has made his mark on the industry over the past 30 years with an impressive following of professional athletes, from the US Women’s Olympic teams in soccer and ice hockey to the Boston Bruins, Boston Breakers, New England Revolution, and most recently the Boston Red Sox. His client list over the years reads like a "Who’s Who" of athletic success in New England and across the country including legendary Boston names such as Nomar Garciaparra, Cam Neely, and Ray Bourque.

Mike is a featured speaker at numerous strength and conditioning and athletic training clinics across the country and has produced many instructional videos and DVDs in the areas of strength and conditioning, personal training and rehabilitation.

In 2012, Michael was selected to become part of the Boston Red Sox coaching staff, acting as a strength and conditioning consultant for the team.

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Comments (2)

Ellis, John | 14 Jun 2011, 16:44 PM

Fantastic article. Thank you Coach Boyle.

Pearson, Robin | 18 Mar 2011, 14:47 PM

It amazes me that this has only a two star rating. For years I have argued against the use of sit-ups for the 'core' and swiss balls and yoga and the like, seeing these exercises as more of a sales pitch than actual functional exercises and allthough you haven't mentioned these things the idea of 'Proper core training' is fantastic and should be done in every gym, all of the time!

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