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by Emily Smith |   Date Released : 16 Jan 2007
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Emily Smith

About the author: Emily Smith

Emily Smith is the President and Founder of EJS Coaching, Inc. where she works one on one and online with swimmers and triathletes in their respective sports, analyzing their technique and working to progress them through their seasons with greater success, less injury and more efficiency. As former USMS 3-6 Mile Long Distance Open Water National Champion and USMS 5K Open Water National Champion, Emily has been a competitive athlete for 25 years. Her passion lies in sport and enabling others to reach their goals in sport and life.

Emily has her Masters Degree in Sport Science from the University of West Florida and her Bachelors Degree in Sport Management from the University of Toledo. She is certified as a coach through the American Swim Coaches Association and through USA Triathlon and has worked with athletes for the past 10 years.

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