Client Behavior Change

by Leigh Brandon |   Date Released : 15 Mar 2008
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Leigh Brandon

About the author: Leigh Brandon

Leigh Brandon, the Founder of BodyCHEK is a CHEK Practitioner Level IV, Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level III, Metabolic Typing Advisor, Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist, Strength & Conditioning Coach and a Sports Massage Therapist.

He has specialized in injury rehabilitation and sports conditioning since 1996. Leigh uses a truly holistic approach combining, corrective and high performance exercise, nutrition and lifestyle modification and soft tissue work.

Leigh has worked with a wide range of clients and athletes including those recovering from chronic pain syndromes, such as spinal disc pathologies, through to British and European Champions, Record Holders and Olympic Athletes.

Leigh is also a member of the CHEK Institute Faculty, teaching CHEK Institute advanced level courses around the world, teaches the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition course for San Diego FDN in the UK and he also teaches workshops on "core stability" and "speed development" to fitness professionals.

Leigh is also the author of “Anatomy for Strength & Fitness Training for Speed and Sport,” “Anatomy of Yoga for Posture & Health” and “Anatomy of Sports Injuries.”

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Comments (1)

White, Matt | 26 Nov 2015, 00:59 AM

Hi there,

I liked the use of the transtheoretical stages of change model. However, NLP is largely discredited in psychology. Would the fitness industry consider the use of more evidence based behaviour change theory? For example, Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB) and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) (Hobbis & Sutton, 2005).


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