Choosing a Multivitamin Supplement – The Considerations

by Marek Doyle |   Date Released : 24 Mar 2010
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Marek Doyle

About the author: Marek Doyle

Marek Doyle is the fitness director of Blueprint Fitness, a company offering personal training, nutrition consultancy and allergy therapy in and around Basingstoke, United Kingdom.

His work is backed through certifications from National Amateur Body Building Association (NABBA), GB Fitness, British Complementary Medicine Association (BCMA) and the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy (BIAET).

He has worked with a range of clients, from members of the public to world champion athletes and top models. He specializes in integrating optimum nutrition together with sport-specific fitness into the busy lives of normal people.

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Comments (4)

Murphy, Benson | 08 May 2012, 22:27 PM

Has anyone out there heard of or using Juice Plus capsules? I've heard it is a wholefood concentrate. 17 fruits and veg ripe vined, juiced and powdered and put into a veg capsule. Can this be true? I will find out more and post it asap :)

Levi, Alan | 28 Mar 2010, 16:55 PM

An essential point that I gleaned from attending Charles Poliquin's Biosignature Modulation course is that this is all a moot point if you have not determined the HCL (hydrochloric acid) levels of your stomach.

With 99% of the population actually having extremely low stomach acidity, ALL supplementation is a waste of money until you have ascertained your acid levels and elevated them appropriately. Then, and only then, will you start to assimilate the nutrients you require.

Zoeller, Bryan | 26 Mar 2010, 00:58 AM

Usana products are listed in The Physicians Desk Reference and are 1 of just a few to have consistently done this, meaning that Drs. if they so choose to may write scripts for them. Most vitamins only have to meet FDA guidelines which are minimal at best, very few meet USP standards, Usana does.
If you would like more info on most vitamin products out there a good read is " Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements " by Lyle McWilliams. They have done lab studies on many brands of vitamins and used the same standards to measure them all by so you get a comparable idea of quality.
Hope some of this info might help.

Legras, Jean-Claude | 24 Mar 2010, 23:10 PM

Some great information.
I have a question.? Currently I have a client who sell Amway.. They are on me about how great there Nutrilight vitamins are best ever, best in the world. They get Doctors and others to do meeting to tell the world how great there products are. I went to one meetting. it was all about how much $ you could make.
A co-worker has started selling USANA. which is the same as Amway.
A Doc i work with says you do not need vitamins. just eat healthy.
In short How do you know!!!!!!!!

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