Choosing Your Education Path

by Chris McGrath |   Date Released : 05 Mar 2009
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Chris McGrath

About the author: Chris McGrath

Chris McGrath is the founder and operator of Movement First, a New York City-based fitness education, consulting, and training organization. Drawing on over 20 years of fitness and coaching experience, Chris specializes in a variety of training and coaching modalities, including sports performance, injury prevention, post-rehabilitation and lifestyle/wellness coaching.

Over the past ten years, Chris has successfully established himself as an international presenter and educator, delivering original courses in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Driven by the Movement First philosophy of quality before quantity, Chris’ unique teaching style delivers easy to understand techniques and principles to fitness professionals of all levels.

In addition to his own education courses, Chris has presented and consulted for some of the most successful fitness organizations in the world, including The American Council on Exercise, Functional Movement Systems, TRX, Reebok, Star Trac, EA Sports Active and numerous others. Chris holds an MS in Exercise Science, a BS in Health Education and has numerous training and coaching certifications.

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Rooke, Matt | 21 Jun 2011, 00:14 AM

And who is, in your opinion, the best quarterback in NFL history?

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