Cardiovascular Drift

by Sally Edwards |   Date Released : 16 Jan 2007
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Sally Edwards

About the author: Sally Edwards

Sally Edwards is the "Head Heart" and the founder and CEO of Heart Zones. A former Master's world record holder in the Ironman Triathlon, as well as a world record holder in the Iditashoe 100-Mile Snowshoe Race, Sally has spent the last 30+ years as a professional athlete. She has competed in some of the hardest races on the planet, including numerous multi-day adventure races and the Western States 100-Mile Run (which she won).

From the time she ran the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trials using her heart rate monitor, Sally has been at the forefront of a revolution in fitness training. Never one to trust in guesswork, Sally combined her Master's degree in exercise physiology with her experience as a professional athlete and created the Heart Zones Training System.

A founder of the sport of triathlon and a Triathlon Hall of Fame inductee, most of Sally's recent races have been performed in her role as the National Spokeswoman for the Danskin Triathlon Series. Sally has finished every Danskin Triathlon (as of 2005, 16 years worth) dead last, as the "Final Finisher," inspiring more than 200,000 other women to make it across the finish line in front of her. The year 2005 marked her 100th consecutive last-place Danskin finish.

Author of 23 books and 300 articles on fitness and sports, a motivational keynote speaker and (with a second Master's degree in Business Administration) an entrepreneur, Sally is committed to helping others improve their health and fitness by listening to their hearts. She lives in Sacramento, California.

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Rubio, Joshua | 14 Apr 2009, 04:20 AM

I am constantly having a debate my coworker on the subject of caloric expenditure, work and heart rate training. I maintain that "calories burned" is a function of the work performed (i.e. force x distance = work in Kcal). I've noticed there has been a big push in heart rate training in gyms lately. This is great for those wanting to train and improve upon their cardiovascular system (i.e. VO2max, lactate threshold, etc). However, for those just looking to burn a certain number of calories, is heart rate training appropriate? Many clients wear heart rate monitors on their wrists which also give caloric expenditure. My argument is this: just because your heart rate or even core temperature goes up, does that necessarily indicate that you are burning a significant amount of calories? What if I scare someone suddenly and their heart rate increases? Does that mean they are burning more calories? What if 2 people who are the same age, gender and weight perform the same spin class. If one is in excellent cardiovascular shape and the other isn't, wont the heart rates differ drastically? So then if they perform the same amount of work, who burns more calories or does one actually burn more than the other?

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