by Glenn Cardwell |   Date Released : 27 Sep 1999
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Glenn Cardwell

About the author: Glenn Cardwell

Ever since his first marathon in 1979, Glenn has taken an interest in sports nutrition, partly because his first marathon was also his first "hitting the wall" experience. He has participated in competition football, soccer, cricket, hockey, volleyball, squash, marathons, half marathons, triathlons, biathlons, swim-thrus (1.6-10.0 km) and fun runs all because they seemed a good idea at the time.

He consults to the West Coast Eagles (AFL), Perth Wildcats (NBL), Commonwealth Cup, AFL umpires, AUSSI Swim and the Fitness Institute of WA. He has written many articles on sports nutrition for magazines and professional newsletters.

He's a qualified Sports Dietitian and a member of Sports Medicine Australia, Dietitians Association of Australia and the National Council Against Health Fraud (USA).

His qualifications include a Bachelor of Science (Adelaide University), a graduate diploma in Dietitics (Curtin University) and a graduate Diploma in applied Science (Edith Cowan University).

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