Breathing for Flexibility

by Jason Anderson |   Date Released : 18 Apr 2006
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Jason Anderson

About the author: Jason Anderson

Jason Anderson has dedicated his life to exercise development, with over 20 years of experience in the gym. Jason spent five years working for Premier Training International as Programme Manager for the Fitness Trainer Award and Advanced Personal Training qualifications. He was the inspiration behind Premier’s Personal Training Solutions department and the designer of their revolutionary WEB and flexibility training systems. Jason presents his concepts and principles at the top fitness conventions in the UK (Fitpro, Loughborough and Multitrax UK, Heathrow) and also at numerous club chains around the world. He is also a fitness expert, exercise model and regular contributor for Men’s Fitness and other industry publications. Jason specializes in postural correction, movement dysfunction, joint and back pain, injury rehabilitation and performance conditioning. He currently operates from the Amida Club in Hampton, Twickenham (FIA Fitness Club of the Year 2005), where he runs his successful personal training business and acts as PT Manager for One on One Fitness LTD.

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