Bodybuilding Competition

by Billy Corbett |   Date Released : 05 Oct 2006
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Billy Corbett

About the author: Billy Corbett

For the past 20 years, Billy Corbett has been committed to achieving excellence in the field of fitness training and athletic preparation. Specializing in performance enhancement, Billy has helped many individuals and athletes reach their goals through sound scientific training. He was a coach in the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics with the Bobsleigh team from Greece. Billy has been a presenter at several national conferences in the Lacrosse industry including the US National Lacrosse Convention. Billy has written for many national publications including Men's Health, P.O.V and SKI Magazine. In addition to his certifications from NSCA and ISSA, he is a C.H.E.K - Level 2 Practitioner and a presenter for the Life Fitness Academy.

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