Blurred Vision with Cardio

by Dr. Rob Orr |   Date Released : 14 Dec 2005
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Dr. Rob Orr

About the author: Dr. Rob Orr

Dr. Rob Orr joined the Australian Army in 1989 as an infantry soldier before transferring to the Defence Force Physical Training Instructor (PTI) stream. Serving for 10 years in this stream, Rob designed, developed, instructed and audited physical training programs and physical education courses for military personnel and fellow PTIs from both Australian and foreign defence forces. Rob subsequently transferred to the physiotherapy stream where his role included the clinical rehabilitation of defense members and project management of physical conditioning optimisation reviews. Serving as the Human Performance Officer for Special Operations before joining the team at Bond University in 2012, Rob continues to serve in the Army Reserve as a Human Performance Officer and as a sessional lecturer and consultant. Rob is also the co-chair of Tactical Strength and Conditioning (TSAC) – Australia.

Rob’s fields of research include physical conditioning and injury prevention for military and protective services from the initial trainee to the elite warrior. Generally focussing on the tactical population, Rob is actively involved in research with the Australian and foreign defense forces, several police departments (both national and international), and firefighters.

The results of Rob’s work and academic research have been published in newspapers, magazines and peer-reviewed journals and led to several health and safety awards. In addition, Dr. Orr serves as the section editor for the Australian Strength and Conditioning Journal – TSAC Section and the shadow editor for the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) TSAC Technical Report. Rob is regularly invited to deliver training workshops and present at conferences both nationally and internationally.

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Fitzgerald, DeAnn | 11 Jun 2014, 02:26 AM

70% of our brain is dedicated to vision processing, looking at the recent information coming out with concussions I believe you have a symptom due to the whiplash. The vestibular ocular motor system can be disrupted with a whiplash. I would recommend a good eye exam with a functional optometrist with emphasis on the vestibular system. Do you get symptoms or symptoms increase if you perform VOR movements? Leddy is published on heart rate and the increse of symptoms following a concussion. Using a 40% HR to train under symptoms may be helpful. 56% of patients with concussion have convergence insufficiency--blurred vision or double vision.

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