Beyond Healthy Aging: Training Masters Athletes for Increased Athletic Performance

by Kathy Zawadzki |   Date Released : 19 May 2010
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Kathy Zawadzki

About the author: Kathy Zawadzki

Kathy Zawadzki has more than two decades of experience in the health and fitness profession working as a fitness instructor, sports nutritionist, and endurance coach. Zawadzki has earned a master's degree in Exercise Science from the University of Texas and is certified by ACSM as a Health and Fitness Instructor as well as nationally certified in Pre & Post Natal Fitness. She is a licensed USA Cycling elite level coach and licensed Sports Nutritionist. Her diverse background includes working as a member of the sports science team at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, as well as running her own Stroller Strides franchise for the past five years. Zawadzki is a frequent contributor of health and fitness articles and was a contributing author for the book Food for Fitness: Eat Right to Train Right (Putman, 2004). Kathy is currently coaching and teaching for Peak to Peak Training Systems.

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Comments (1)

Mather, Julie | 24 May 2010, 13:22 PM

Thankyou for this article - it has confirmed what ive understood to be true for some time.
As someone just inside the baby boom (1964) as well as a trainer I have always personallyfelt the benefits of high intensity anerobic work & frequently with my cleints.
Hey what a motivator for clients - "The anti-aging workout"
Many thanks

Juliie Mather

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