Becoming a Self Defense Trainer

by Tim Rochford |   Date Released : 15 May 2007
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Tim Rochford

About the author: Tim Rochford

Tim Rochford, founder and owner of Empower Training Systems, has been a fitness professional since 1984 and a martial arts professional since 1978. During this time, he has displayed his passion for helping others by sharing his Kickboxing and Self Defense expertise through his workshops and advanced qualification programs, his writings and his service to the industry.

Tim’s interest in the martial arts and self defense began at a young age when his father was a Golden Gloves prize-winning boxer. The experience of his youth has been a driving force behind Tim’s passion for mastering martial arts both as a self defense discipline and a fitness practice. Tim has a 4th degree Black Belt in Karate and has successfully competed in sport karate and amateur kickboxing since 1978. Currently, Tim teaches workshops of advanced qualification programs around the world.

Tim is also an accomplished writer whose achievements include co-authoring ACE’s Kickboxing Fitness Specialty Training Manual as well as the development of his own series of Home Study course training manuals and workbooks (Martial Fitness Kickboxing Instructor Training and the Proactive Personal Security – Self Defense Instructor Training series). Tim’s workshops and authored articles have been highlighted in numerous prestigious fitness magazines and newspapers including IDEA Source, IDEA Health & Fitness Source, IDEA Management, Fitness Management, MA Success and The Washington Post.

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