Balance in Training - Part 1

by John Cowell |   Date Released : 01 May 2004
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John Cowell

About the author: John Cowell

John Cowell is a Raleigh, North Carolina based strength coach. He has achieved such certifications a Level III CHEK Practitioner, a Level 3 PICP (Poliquin) Coach, USA Weightlifting Club Coach, NSCA CSCS as well as CPT. He is currently completing his Master's degree in Exercise Science and his Neuromuscular Therapist training. He is a former USCF (United States Cycling Federation) elite level racer with over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry. John owns and operates Conscious Fitness in Raleigh.

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Comments (6)

henderson, rob | 08 Jul 2012, 17:55 PM

i agree with the previous comments! microwave? the body treats food from a microwave as toxic? but boiling food is ok? the body knows the difference? come on gimme freaking break!. proof please.

Edwards, Susannah | 19 Feb 2012, 06:13 AM

Fantastic and amusing bit with the relationship example. Cheerio! Oh, but do let's settle all this about the microwave...

Falconer, Jonathan | 20 May 2011, 17:42 PM

Do you have any scientific proof that microwaving food is hard on your liver?

Olbrys, Damian | 17 Jan 2010, 11:56 AM

I was just wondering where in the hierarchy of control systems within the body the limbic system is allocated? Is this the next highest priority after respiration system?

Jensen, Jim | 10 Dec 2009, 15:38 PM

I'd like to know what proof you have to support your claims that microwaving food turns it into toxin. It seems to me that all of the latest scientific journals have refuted this. Sure it changes food, as does, steaming and boiling. Siting such theories as fact does not lend credibility to your article.

Stancil, Matt | 13 Jun 2009, 11:17 AM

Can I show my wife this article so she won't give me a hard time when I go for too long of a ride? Great read, simple and enlightening. Two questions, not a fan of Ibuprofen? And, how do you feel about cryotherapy?

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