Anatomy of an Injury: Piriformis Syndrome

by Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT |   Date Released : 10 Apr 2014
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Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT

About the author: Stephanie Marango, MD, RYT

Stephanie P. Marango, MD, RYT is a holistic physician and registered yoga teacher. She is the founder of the Sacred Body Institute, which offers holistic medical & educational services based in New York City. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Stephanie also serves as a functional anatomy expert as: co-Director of the international Functional Anatomy for Movement & Injuries (FAMI) Workshop; lead author of the FAMI iPad app series; founder of living anatome (medical school curriculum taught internationally); and, yoga teacher trainer for studios throughout New York City. In the public arena, she is referenced for her expertise in popular magazines like Fitness, serves as a peer reviewer for the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, published researched featured on the cover of Anatomical Sciences Education, and is a guest contributor & lecturer to publications & audiences nationwide. She is also the author of The Wisdom Of Your Body: What It Is & How To Decipher It, and is currently working on her second book, to be published in 2015 by Beyond Words.

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Woods, Lisa | 24 Feb 2015, 16:10 PM

This is a great read and helpful. The language did not get too the point, clear and then some great exercise tips.

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