An Introduction to Kettlebell Training

by Brett Jones |   Date Released : 02 May 2005
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Brett Jones

About the author: Brett Jones

Brett Jones is a NSCA CSCS certified, strength and conditioning professional based in the Pittsburgh area. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from High Point University, located in High Point, North Carolina. He also earned a Master’s Degree in Rehabilitative Sciences - Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. This degree provides great insight into effective behavior modification. Brett received a certification in Russian Kettlebell training from Pavel Tsatsouline, the addition of which has lead to dynamic routines and results.

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Comments (2)

Harris, Paul | 09 Dec 2011, 23:27 PM

I think that these exercises if need be can be modified or the weight can be modified based off the client base, these are great moves for basic movement skills. If I did not have a kettlebell I could see how the Turkish Get-Up could be great for a senior population with out weight also

Goldstein, Robert | 05 Jul 2011, 11:37 AM

These movements seem fine for a conditioned athlete. Some of the movements look rather risky for a lot of my clients. The twisting motions of the TGU could possibly pull a back or neck muscle if not controlled properly. What about spotting these activities. Also 9 pounds would be to very heavy for people I work with to do endurance work..

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