Alternative Dieting for Fat Loss

by Lou Barrie |   Date Released : 26 Aug 1999
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Lou Barrie

About the author: Lou Barrie

Lou Barrie spent 22 years in the fitness industry. He was an ex Air Force Physical Training Instructor, an International Presenter for Network, ASIAFIT & Network NZ and Editorial Staff Member & Regular Contributor for Network Personal Trainer magazine. He also contributed articles to numerous fitness journals worldwide.

Lou specialized in resistance training fields, workplace lifting and rehabilitation. He lifted weights for over 30 years, competing in and coaching Olympic weightlifting at the international level. He won numerous national powerlifting titles and competed in 33 bodybuilding contests, having won the Mr. Australia title three years in a row and placed in the top three at the world bodybuilding championships twice. Lou was a highly motivating, entertaining and informative lecturer, in demand throughout the fitness world as a speaker and presenter.

Lou Barrie died suddently after a massive heart attack while training in his personal training center in Perth, Australia on Saturday, 3 March 2001. He was 40 years of age.

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