Achilles Tendonitis

by Michael Greenhouse |   Date Released : 02 Dec 2008
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Michael Greenhouse

About the author: Michael Greenhouse

Michael Greenhouse, NSCA, CSCS, is a graduate of the University of Evansville with a degree in Exercise Physiology, and a focus on Kinesiology and Biomechanics. In 2005, the Chicago Cubs drafted Michael as a professional pitcher. Currently, Michael studies Physiology in Columbus, Ohio, where he has founded Pure Life Fitness. He has spent the last 8 years in the fitness industry working with amateur and professional athletics on rehab and program design, and over the last few years he has been developing and performing movement patterns to increase functional movement. Before moving back to Ohio he spent time as an assistant strength and conditioning coach in the Division 1 college level and the professional baseball level. He was also part of the St. Mary’s Hospital outpatient clinical team, specializing in rehab and corrective exercise for pre and post-surgery patients.

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