3D Abs

by Nick Nilsson |   Date Released : 20 Jun 2007
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Nick Nilsson

About the author: Nick Nilsson

Nick Nilsson brings a unique approach to training, focusing on the creation and development of new exercises, training techniques and programs. Drawing upon his degrees in Physical Education and Psychology from the University of Lethbridge, Nick has written six training manuals covering rarely seen exercises for the entire body as well as abdominal exercises, fat loss, glute training and other specialized training techniques. <br><br>

With more than 16 years of training experience, Nick is the Vice President of the online training company BetterU, Inc.

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Comments (1)

Reyes, Ryan John | 29 Aug 2009, 09:56 AM

All said exercises here very good but only after proper proper engagement of the inner unit is achieved by the client. Performing these exercises too soon will most likely just lead to a lot of compensatory mechanisms and ad dysfunctional motor pattern in the long run.

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