Don't miss this month's latest content on topics like Time Management
Don't miss this month's latest content on topics like Time Management

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August 2014
At a Glance: Brand New August Content
Time Management Strategies for the Fitness Business Owner
Michelle Roots
The 4 D’s of Time Management
Sherri McMillan
Anatomy of an Injury: Rotator Cuff Tears
Stephanie Marango, MD
Building a Positive Atmosphere in the Gym
Camilla Aryton
Taming Your Daily Schedule
Ilene Bergelson
Time Management = Me Management
Annette Lang
Precision Nutrition Certification
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Written By:
Juan Carlos Santana
Noah Hittner
Tudor Bompa
Bob Seebohar
Nathaniel Mosher
This exam was designed to acquaint fitness professionals with the primary principles of periodization, both in fitness and sports nutrition. Completion of this exam will provide the scientific understanding and practical application tools needed for designing safe and effective programs for clients and athletes of all levels, using the principles of periodization.

Client Assessment, Biomechanics, & Metabolism

Written By:
Stuart McGill
Nathaniel Mosher
Michael Boyle
Juan Carlos Santana

This exam will explore the topics on client assessment, biomechanics and metabolic syndrome. You will learn to understand the lumbar spine biomechanics in relation to stretching and exercise, examine relevant research and new ideas regarding endurance training and progression and understand “metabolism syndrome X” and how/what you can do to help and educate your client.

Client Relations & Business Management

Written By:
Neil Habgood
Lisa Coors
Paul Chek
Darren Jacobson
John Hardy
This exam is designed to teach trainers effective strategies in client relations and business management, including marketing and communicating to potential clients. Completion of this exam will enable you to better market and advocate your services.
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