Don't miss this month's latest content on topics like Special Populations
Don't miss this month's latest content on topics like Special Populations
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July 2014
At a Glance: Brand New July Content
Principles of balance training for the senior population
Principles of Balance Training for the Senior Population
By: Evan Osar
Dietary Challenges Dealing With Food Intolerances Allergies and Inflammation
Dietary Challenges: Food Intolerances, Allergies and Inflammation
By: Teri Gentes
Beyond bulging biceps
Beyond Bulging Biceps
By: Robert Yang
Nutrition for Sport Performance Part 1
Nutrition for Sport Performance: Part 1
By: Andrew Busch
Optimizing the Conditioning of New Tactical Trainees
Optimizing the Conditioning of New Tactical Trainees
By: Dr. Rob Orr
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Non-Traditional Strength Training

Written By:
ay Dawes
Josh Henkin
Brett Jones
Joel Raether
Fraser Quelch
As Strongman training becomes more popular, new equipment is being introduced to the market. As new equipment is introduced to health clubs and training studios, it is important that fitness professionals understand how to properly use and demonstrate each for clients. This quiz will help the fitness professional learn more about non-traditional strength training equipment such as sandbags, kettlebells, suspension training and other types of implements.

Training Prenatal and Postnatal Clients

Written By:
Vicky Hatch
Carmen Bott
Kathy Zawadzki
Ilene Bergelson
Karen Copeland
Catherine Cram
John Hardy
Approximately half of personal training clients are women and a large segment of that group are in their 20s or 30s. As a result, the need for the fitness professional to be qualified to train pre and post natal clients is almost a pre-requisite for the job.
Knowledge of the dynamic and unique physiological and bio-mechanical needs of this population, plus the practical ability to apply it are crucial for the fitness professional to know in order to safely train these clients.

Youth Training

Written By:
Brian Grasso
Zach Even-Esh

Mark Mancino
This exam acquaints you with the primary principles and approaches of youth training, both in fitness and sport. Completion of this exam provides you the scientific understanding and practical application needed to design safe and effective programs for young athletes and clients. responses.
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