Feeling overwhelmed!

Sue Bowker | Professional/Self Development | 14 May 2017

Hi everyone, I was hoping for some advice from you guys. I am a newly qualified PT, with a real passion to help and support people to reach their goals. About a mobth ago, I started working at my own gym (by that I mean the gym that I myself train at) as a PT, but am struggling to attract clients. I am regularly striking up conversations, giving little tips and technique tweaks to the gym members, offering taster sessions at their convenience, showing the odd alternative exercise etc. Maybe it's because I'm brand new, and haven't trained anyone as yet, but this lack of interest is starting to make me get all self-questioning. I am starting to panic that I don't know enough. It's like everything I have learned has completely left my brain. I know the general ideas, lol, but I'm struggling to hold onto any actual training facts and figures. What's ATP? Why do we do dynamic stretching to warm up instead of static stretching? How does someone train to increase running speed? (I'm not specifically asking these questions, I'm just giving examples). Is this normal right at the beginning? I'm just terrified I'm going to do a terrible job! Thank you so much in advance for any advice you can give to me. Suzie x

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Training While Traveling

J. Baez | General, Group Exercise | 03 Apr 2017

Hello, I hope everyone is doing great. I was vacationing in New York City for around 10 days during this last spring break and it occured to me that maybe I could have offer my services during that time to the locals in the form of group classes in any of the many parks that the city has. Now, I did not do that, it was just an idea that I had, as a way to make some money while traveling and get to know the locals (after all, in my case, my family loves to sleep late and I am the only one up at 5 or 6 am). Has anyone done that before anywhere, during a trip? Training someone, group classes, or getting a gig at a local fitness studio? I think it would be fun and at the same time meet new people while making extra money. I am willing to try it in my next trip, but I would love to know if somene here have done that, and how it went. Please let me know. Have a great night.

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Jordan Harris | Advanced Workout | 27 Mar 2017

I'm finding that my clients don't like GVT. Has anyone got any similar set/rep protocols that sound as cool to say as: "GVT" or do they all sound boring? 5 x 10 reps doesn't sound as good as GVT to the layperson.

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BCAAs for gainz

Syd Widowson | Nutrition | 24 Mar 2017

How much BCAA should I drink to become stronger? Currently testing on myself to pass onto my clients. Currently on 50g per day in my workouts.

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Functional Walking

Alex Monacelli | Programs & Assessments | 21 Dec 2016

I am trying to develop a walking group ex class for seniors. I have thought of incorporating side steps, karaokes, walking backwards. Any other thoughts on what I can add?

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