Daniel Fernandez | 11 Jul 2014

Mock session grading rubric?

Hello fitness professionals. I was wondering if anyone out there has a sample grading rubric that they use in the hiring process of personal trainers. Its basically a sheet or two that takes the personal trainer candidate through a mock PT session to see gauge how they interact with a client and a grading scale based on their exercise programming knowledge. If anyone has a good resource, please let me know!!

Spencer Bowersmith | 21 Apr 2014

Improving Hurdle Time for Track Athlete

I have a client who is 20 years old and currently a track athlete at a community college. Her ultimate goal is to try and walk-on to a university squad this summer. Her goal is to cut down her total time. I have trained track and field athletes before but never Hurdles specifically. What would be a good program to put her on to help her achieve her goal?

Spencer B.

jennie hogan | 18 Feb 2014

course recommendations in Vancouver bc

I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good course to take.
at this point I am open to all education.
I am training quite a few people out if my home.
this has been wonderful, although the one detriment is that I lack the opportnity to interact with friends in my field..
I work 100 times better in a class environment , I see there are oodles of online stuff but haven't come across a lot of in class ed.
I also am not great with computers ..so surfing the web often times becomes overwhelming and I end up finding nothing...ant thoughts?

jennie hogan | 18 Feb 2014

serratus posterior inferior pain

serratus posterior inferior muscle pain

Serratus posterior inferior muscle pain (jennie hogan | 15 Feb 2014 )
hello all
I am taking on a new client who has had issues with his back for some time.
he has had different diagnoses and has become frustrated and wants to see if we can get him feeling stronger again..
the first doc thought it might be his quadratus lumborum,the last physio thought serratus posterior inferior muscle was strained.
he has been cleared to work with me.
I meet him tomorrow for an assessment .
he has been experiencing this pain for about 8 months.
before this he was a physically active guy.he is becoming depressed, gaining weight and loosing muscle mass.
if he seems ok to train I was planning on gently introducing some back strengthening excersises,as well as core and lower body.i know the serratus inferior insertion attaches to the rib cage so I want to be careful of causing further damage.am I right to assume avoid cardio?
I am pretty confident on the stretches I can do with him,just wanted some feedback( hypothetical of course) on what you might do with a client in this situation.
like I mentioned he is clear to excersise..just in pain...for a long time.
looking forward to your feedback

Jack Groves | 12 Feb 2014

Nutrition Courses

I've been a PT for about 5 years now, I've completed my level 3 PT and sports massage therapist with premier training but would now like to progress on my nutrition side of things. I would like to know who recommends what out there for nutrition courses ?

Many thanks

Matt Hsu | 31 Jan 2014

Deadlifts in the exercise library?

Does the exercise library have barbell deadlifts? I have searched multiple ways and the closest thing I can find is dumbbell deadlifts. Am I missing something?

Gregory Hawryluk | 25 Jan 2014

Big Toe Numbness and Can't Lift Toe Up

I have a client who is 60 years old who has numbness on his left big toe and ring toe. He said once he had back surgery it somehow or another affected his nerves. He is unable to lift his left big toe up. IMO, this has severely affected his balance. He can't balance on his left foot for more than 3 second. He can balance on his right for more than one minute. Basically for the last 2 weeks, I have been strengthen up his core, vmo, and ankle to improve his balance, but have not seen improvement on his balance. I have been forcing him to balance on on his left foot by controlling his hips. He struggles to balance himself while doing lunges, but can still do it. He can do bosu squats. I need some advice on how to help him.

Jo Woodall | 16 Jan 2014

High grade Spondylolosthesis 3/4 with Dysplastic L5/S1 Facet

A new client has the above condition & frequently participates in body combat & body pump as well as some gym sessions..her request is to gain more muscle size on her butt & legs as well as strengthing her midline. Although she is active I understand there has to be a compromise with regard to weight loading to build muscle. Can you advise on initial exercises to assess where we can progress too. Many thanks.

Gregory Hawryluk | 13 Jan 2014

Extremely Tight Calves

I have a female client who is 50 years old who has extremely tight calves. She has always had tight calves for the past 3 years and she stretches 3 times a day. I started to foam roll out her calves at the start and end of the session, which seems to loosen them up, but it is still very tight. Do you know any exercises I can try do loosen up her calves? Is there a form of an assessment that I can use to tell me if it strictly the calves?

Does not wear high heels
Well hydrated
Stretches out 3X a day
Lower back pain
Flexible hamstrings

Lee Hall | 10 Jan 2014

Fat burning supplements

Is there a similar product to Grenade and other metabolic based result products, but I'm not keen on the caffeine, some of the side effects. So would like your opinion on other supplements such as conjugated linoleic acid and L'Carnitine I have heard that these can keep fat low and keep balance between lean muscle and fat levels. Would these help keep a lean look, while lifting heavy?
Any help would be great
thanks in advance


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