Luis Olivencia | Programs & Assessments | 11 Oct 2016

I have a group of swimmers that want to improve their swimming technique with weights, what movement are not recommended for swimmers ?and what should I focus on?

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careen Paterson | Programs & Assessments | 25 Jan 2016

HI, I have just had contact from a potential client who suffers from vasculitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Can anyone recommend an appropriate fitness programme for someone with these conditions? Many thanks

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Clients nutrition tracking

Torri Smith | Nutrition | 20 Jan 2016

Any recommendations for online and/or app nutrition tracking for clients? Ideally I would like to find something where I can invite all my clients, see if they are tracking intake and see what they are logging. But, without them seeing each other's data. Any recommendations greatly appreciated.

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Exercise prescription for client with a history of colitis

Sarah El-Hawary | Exercise Science | 11 Jan 2016

I have been a PT for 9 years now, specialising in pre and postnatal exercise. I am also a Adult trained nurse. I have under taken various courses throughout my time as a trainer. I have currently completed a consultation with a new client who has a 10 year history of Colitis. Her goal is to be "fit and strong" in preparation to conceive. She is currently under weight, inactive and has a body fat percentage of 16%. She complains of the usual symptoms of her condition, fatigue, irritable bowel, inability to put on weight. She is currently taking Asacol and anti-inflammatory and this seems to keep flare ups a bay. I have asked her to ask her GP for a referral letter, however this is a first for me. She has complained that even a 10 minute walk leaves her feeling fatigued..... Needless to say, this client requires a program reflecting, timing of exercise session, type, nutrition to support this exercise among many other factors. She has not seen a dietician for some time and I have referred her back to seek advice regarding her wish to "get fit in order to conceive". And possible dietary support she may need. She is second generation Indian living in the UK. In the mean time I would welcome any suggestions and or experience other trainers have had with this condition and exercise prescription. I personally believe there is an appropriate exercise programme for each and everyone of my clients and that with a little bit of research you guys can help me achieve this for this client

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Clean The Beach Boot Camp

Krix Luther | General | 27 Dec 2015

Hey Guys, I just recently rejoined PTonthenet. Its good to be back, lots of great resources here. About 3 years ago I started doing Beach Boot Camps in Phuket, Thailand. I was surprised to the crazy amount of Trash that was being washed up on the beaches & even more surprised to how no one really cared. One morning during a usual boot camp there was so much trash washed up on the beach we couldn't train, we tried to clear some space but it was just too much, I was worried there might be some glass, sharp plastic or metal under the sand surface so after 25min workout I told everyone if they helped me clean the beach for 20min I will give them their money back. Before I knew it an hour went by & people were still cleaning, they felt really good doing a short workout & then a clean up. So did I, we all felt pretty productive/inspired & left feeling quite positive & wanted to doing it again... So I came up with away to incorporate the two, Fitness/Environment - Getting the People & the Planet, Fit & Healthy & all for Free. So "Clean The Beach Boot Camp" was born, every 2 weeks I gave a free beach boot camp & in return all participants helped me clean the beach, the initiative exploded all over social media & the local media. We are now branching out to other Personal Trainers in Thailand & around the world. We are in Phuket, Kuwait & Angola... Soon to be in Koh Samui, Mumbai & Bali. I am here to ask if there is any Personal Trainers here that wish to do

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