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Helen Ajtun | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 29 Oct 2015

Will weight training bring on MS symptoms? Or will it benefit the client?

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Client with oa in wrists

Alice Heather-hayes | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 02 Oct 2015

Hello. I have a new client who is female, early 40s, very slim and a recreational runner. She has oa in the wrists but would like to build up upper body strength. I understand the importance of excise and mobility for those with oa but would love to hear others experiences or ideas. She cannot hold much weight and struggles to hold her own body weight. I look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes.

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About a grammar for English

Yumi T | General | 29 Sep 2015

Hi guys. I'm from Japan, and recently, I asked about a question as below, but some one told it's all mistake answer, so please choose which one is correct. When I went to see his home, 1)he has already been slept. 2)he had already went to bed. 3)he had already been slept. 4)he has been sleeping.

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Fused ankles

Robin Thomas | Special Populations | 13 Jul 2015

Hi, all! I have a new client who for some reason (that must've made sense at the time) has had both ankles surgically fused. He has no ROM at all (think 'walking in ski boots'.) He is in his late 60's has some cardiac issues, a rebuilt shoulder and neuropathy in his feet, meaning he can't stand for more than about 10 minutes. He wants to work on strength. He uses a recumbent bike for his "cardio" at home. Any thoughts on a program would be much appreciated!

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Newbie question

Kamil Zajkowski | General | 15 May 2015

Hi guys! I am going to see my first client soon. (after consultation) The client(male) wants to lose weight and strengthen right leg (medical condition) and core. Could you suggest exercises for one hour session in a park so that it is not too hard and he doesn't die and enjoys it? The client likes variety and wants it to be fun. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

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