Jordan Harris | Advanced Workout | 27 Mar 2017

I'm finding that my clients don't like GVT. Has anyone got any similar set/rep protocols that sound as cool to say as: "GVT" or do they all sound boring? 5 x 10 reps doesn't sound as good as GVT to the layperson.

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BCAAs for gainz

Syd Widowson | Nutrition | 24 Mar 2017

How much BCAA should I drink to become stronger? Currently testing on myself to pass onto my clients. Currently on 50g per day in my workouts.

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Functional Walking

Alex Monacelli | Programs & Assessments | 21 Dec 2016

I am trying to develop a walking group ex class for seniors. I have thought of incorporating side steps, karaokes, walking backwards. Any other thoughts on what I can add?

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Luis Olivencia | Programs & Assessments | 11 Oct 2016

I have a group of swimmers that want to improve their swimming technique with weights, what movement are not recommended for swimmers ?and what should I focus on?

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careen Paterson | Programs & Assessments | 25 Jan 2016

HI, I have just had contact from a potential client who suffers from vasculitis and rheumatoid arthritis. Can anyone recommend an appropriate fitness programme for someone with these conditions? Many thanks

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