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Newbie question

Kamil Zajkowski | General | 15 May 2015

Hi guys! I am going to see my first client soon. (after consultation) The client(male) wants to lose weight and strengthen right leg (medical condition) and core. Could you suggest exercises for one hour session in a park so that it is not too hard and he doesn't die and enjoys it? The client likes variety and wants it to be fun. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it!

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Hips and Knee Rehab/Strength

Taylor Sveinson | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 28 Apr 2015

Hey all, I have a new client that is 74 years old, has had both knees replaced in the last 6 years and really wants to get back to the stronger legs and hips that he was used to. there are some hip mobility moves that i would love to be able to do but because of the bad knees, any kneeling down excersices are very painful for him, as well as getting up and down off the ground are very difficult. Does anyone have some good mobility and strength excercises and stretches for bad hips and knees that perhaps involve sitting or standing?

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Training someone with autoimmune disease

Laura Hilton | General | 29 Mar 2015

Hi all, I have a client at the moment who suffers with the autoimmune disease hashimoto. She gets very easily fatigued, doesn't like running and swimming, doesn't own a bike, but does seem to like resistance work so that's the route we're going down at the moment. I'm also getting her to do some power walking between our sessions. She openly admits to not enjoying exercise and that in the past she has always found she gets ill whenever she tries to take up a new exercise regime. I just wondered if anyone on here had any experience of training a person with autoimmune disease and if you had any pointers or tips. I would just be interested in hearing anyone's similar experiences really. Thanks in advance.

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Softball off season conditioning

Janine Coetsee | Advanced Workout | 11 Mar 2015

I am interested to learn more about Softball off season conditioning (post - and pre season). Can anyone provide advise and perhaps link me up with professional coaches? I recently started Softball and is interested to expand my knowledge in this field. I also plan to do some video analysis in order to gain a better understanding for each position.

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Personal Training Fees

Kim Bradley | General | 09 Jan 2015

Hi, just wondered if anyone has a good system of informing clients of charges for personal training sessions and charges for extra work as in planning and preparing additional workouts for clients to perform on their own. I have just been asked to plan 3 workouts per week for an existing client to perform on their own at the gym, it has taken me two hours of my time to devise the first two workouts and whilst I thoroughly believe in good will I think I should be paid for my time. Any thoughts on this anyone? Cheers, Kim

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