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Obturator Internus Injury

Catherine Champion | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 14 Sep 2014

Can anyone direct me to any research papers or articles with information on how to treat an Obturator Internus injury? I'm looking specifically at strength and flexibility exercises. I've looked through the web but can't seem to find anything that's been helpful. Thank you.

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Mock session grading rubric?

Daniel Fernandez | Professional/Self Development | 11 Jul 2014

Hello fitness professionals. I was wondering if anyone out there has a sample grading rubric that they use in the hiring process of personal trainers. Its basically a sheet or two that takes the personal trainer candidate through a mock PT session to see gauge how they interact with a client and a grading scale based on their exercise programming knowledge. If anyone has a good resource, please let me know!! Dan

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Improving Hurdle Time for Track Athlete

Spencer Bowersmith | Sports-Specific | 21 Apr 2014

I have a client who is 20 years old and currently a track athlete at a community college. Her ultimate goal is to try and walk-on to a university squad this summer. Her goal is to cut down her total time. I have trained track and field athletes before but never Hurdles specifically. What would be a good program to put her on to help her achieve her goal? Cheers, Spencer B.

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course recommendations in Vancouver bc

jennie hogan | Professional/Self Development | 18 Feb 2014

hello I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good course to take. at this point I am open to all education. I am training quite a few people out if my home. this has been wonderful, although the one detriment is that I lack the opportnity to interact with friends in my field.. I work 100 times better in a class environment , I see there are oodles of online stuff but haven't come across a lot of in class ed. I also am not great with computers surfing the web often times becomes overwhelming and I end up finding nothing...ant thoughts?

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serratus posterior inferior pain

jennie hogan | Corrective Exercise/Rehab | 18 Feb 2014

serratus posterior inferior muscle pain Serratus posterior inferior muscle pain (jennie hogan | 15 Feb 2014 ) hello all I am taking on a new client who has had issues with his back for some time. he has had different diagnoses and has become frustrated and wants to see if we can get him feeling stronger again.. the first doc thought it might be his quadratus lumborum,the last physio thought serratus posterior inferior muscle was strained. he has been cleared to work with me. I meet him tomorrow for an assessment . he has been experiencing this pain for about 8 months. before this he was a physically active guy.he is becoming depressed, gaining weight and loosing muscle mass. if he seems ok to train I was planning on gently introducing some back strengthening excersises,as well as core and lower body.i know the serratus inferior insertion attaches to the rib cage so I want to be careful of causing further I right to assume avoid cardio? I am pretty confident on the stretches I can do with him,just wanted some feedback( hypothetical of course) on what you might do with a client in this situation. like I mentioned he is clear to excersise..just in pain...for a long time. looking forward to your feedback .

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