comment button Exercise and testosterone levels, by matt nall | 14 Apr 2012

I was recently diagnosed with low testosterone levels and went through multiple tests to see what the problem was. Everything else was normal (Vitamin D, cholesterol, BP, BMD) and no pituitary problems were found. My body fat is within the normal range, and my fitness levels are great. For my medication, my endocrinologist ordered a sperm test, which came out normal, and is now prescribing me Clomid to see if it helps.

Anyway, now, I am trying to devise a workout plan that will help to boost my testosterone levels. I know the importance of incorporating compound exercises such as bench press, squats, deadlift, bent-over rows and military presses. I also know that the intensity should be high so that levels can boosts naturally. However, I am somewhat stumped as far as how I should approach cardiovascular exercise. I currently do 2x/week of interval training and if I feel like it during the week, I will add some steady state for about 40 minutes or so (the weight workouts plus the cardio would total to about 5-6 days/week).

What I am wondering is what the best approach to cardiovascular exercise would be in helping to boost my testosterone levels and/or if there are any other physiological factors that I should keep in mind while training and structuring my nutrition?

Thanks very much in advance for your help!

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