comment button Mountain Bike Training, by Matthew trapnell | 14 Apr 2012

I just got a new client who races mountain bikes (downhill racing) and wants to increase his stamina, speed and biking endurance. He would also like to shed a little fat around his mid-section. He is not overweight but is confident that he would be faster if the weight was off. He is 32 years old and just started riding last year. He was doing spinning and upper body BW training before he came to me. He just got a new job that required him to stand all day and go up and down ladders. His last job had him sitting all day. He has been on the job since this past Monday and has told me by the end of the day his legs are shot and has no strength to ride and also complaining of tightness from his waist down.

I've never trained someone like this and have been trying to do all the research I can. Any help or suggestions is really appreciated.


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