comment button Caloric needs/weight loss problem, by Matthew trapnell | 16 Mar 2012

I'm training a 39-year-old woman who is 5'3', 170 lbs, type 2 diabetic. We have been training for 2.5 months and have seen progress but not weight loss. She has seen a doctor to rule out any medical condition that would prevent weight loss. I track her food intake on my fitness pal app and she eats healthy for the most part, no snacking. She has not been consistent on cardio and I was training her 3x/week. This week we started training 4x/week and she has vowed to me that she will start doing the cardio I plan out for her. Her BMR is 1450, she usually eats close to 1250 kcal and burns between 350-450 during training and cardio. She has dropped 1 pant size and all her clothes now fit quite loosely, but the scale has not moved. She carries most of her weight in her arms and midsection. Her 40th birthday is May 12 and she is trying to lose the weight for her party. She is really worried about her arms. Is she eating enough calories? Is there something I could do differently to speed up the weight loss? Am I doing sometthing wrong? Any advice or suggestions is much appreciated.

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