comment button Client with thyroidectomy 10 years ago, by Matthew Ashbolt | 29 Feb 2012

I have a new client who has had her thyroid removed about 10 years ago due to a cancerous growth. She is aged 51 and on all the medication needed due to the removal. She also has type II diabetes.

Based on her current condition, is there anything I can suggest nutrition wise or that I should be aware of when training her?

It is the first time I have trained someone with the thyroid removed - the diabetes is no problem for me - only the combo of the two.

Based on her current stats she needs 1400 cals to lose weight (not taking into account the thyroid) and I recommend my usual nutrition strategy. She has said though that she needs 800 cals a day (dangerously low for anyone!) and that over 1000cals a day = weight gain.

She is on:

Adcal (calcium supp)
Metoformin (for diabetes)
Thyroxine 100mcg
Atorvastatin (cholesterol)

So, any tips? - I am aware that the meds may need altering or changing and a hollisitic approach will have to be taken toward her training to get the desired results.


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