comment button 50 year old with high blood pressure, by Wendy Kearsley | 05 Jan 2012

Having screened my 50 year old client with a poor diet I referred him for medical clearance after detecting 3 high blood pressure readings). Client has a bit of a belly!

The client has rang me back saying the doc says he is fit enough to exercise - although he has had blood tests and may be prescribed medication.

The client plays 6 a side football for an hour three times per week and has done for many years. His diet isn't great and he likes a pint with the lads. He was reluctant to change although I think this wake up call has motivated him to change. He wants to lose weight and tone up, he likes circuits. He's booked in for 3 sessions, I want to impress him but am a little nervous due to his bp (although he said a reading after football last night was normal!)... I want to add variety, maybe TRX, maybe overhead squat test, 3 min step test or OBLA test, motor drills to improve his footie? He has a niggling lower back....I'm open to and value your suggestions.

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