comment button Overhead squat test shows knees move inwards, by Wendy Kearsley | 05 Jan 2012

I am a new PT and want to be thorough. I have screened my post natal client (baby was born 4 months ago normal uncomplicated delivery), and performed a few tests so I can plan a workout next week:

*Sit & Reach - result minus 14,
*Overhead squat test - Knees move inwards - foam roller adductors? Tighten glutes? - I'm open to suggestions.
*Arms fall slightly forward - Ideas for shoulder stabilisation?
*3 min step test - 1 min heart rate following test = 122.

Client has mild lower back pain through picking baby up so I would like to incorporate functional exercises that will help with this everyday baby lifting and carrying.

Client hasn't exercised much so is back to basics, used to like to run.

Client's knees ache periodically.

I'm not sure whether I should perform an OBLA test on treadmill to establish steady state training mode? However client may not be fit enough to run long enough yet?

Any suggestions/recommendations would be enormously welcomed.

Thanks in advance.

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