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Welcome to an awesome new section of my website, where each month I will bring you a fresh batch of articles, audios and exercise tips from the world’s leading health and fitness educators! This is like having a personal (and FREE!) subscription to a world-class health, fitness, sport and vitality magazine, so dive in and enjoy! This month we’ll take you from holistic health right through to advanced workout strategies!
New features
ACL Injury Prevention - Part 2
Jason Vescovi
Part 1 of Jason's series demonstrated how to alter biomechanical inefficiencies in efforts to decrease the likelihood of suffering a non-contact ACL injury. Part 2 focuses on developing functional movement patterns that integrate the entire body.
Breathing for Optimal Health - Part 1
JP Sears
In Part 1 of this fascinating two-part series, Sears explores the anatomy of breathing and shows us why this simple act is so vital to our health and to the longevity of our bodies.
An Introduction to Meditation
Shirley Archer

Shirley Archer gives us some simple keys to begin working with this age old mystical AND practical practice in internal wellness: meditation.

Programming Basics - Part 1
Noah Hittner

Amidst the rush of training trends, Hittner lays out the often forgotten fundamentals of integrated training.

What is Functional Exercise?
Paul Chek
Functional Training with Foam Rollers
Annette Lang
Extreme Training for the Regular Joe and Jane
Juan Carlos Santana

The personal training environment has traditionally been very conservative in terms of exercise prescription, but Santana shows us how to put “hustle behind the muscle” and enable ordinary Joes and Janes to get the extraordinary results they want!

The Truth About Cardio Programming
Paul Robbins
Exercise of the month

Lunge with Bent Over Row using Dumbbells
Exercise Tips
“A fresh mind keeps the body fresh. Take in the ideas of the day, drain off those of yesterday. As to the morrow, time enough to consider it when it becomes today." Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton 1803-1873, Novelist and Poet
Program of the month

Body Slings - Deep Longtitudinal 2