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New features
Insulin Resistance and Obesity: Are Carbs the Culprit?
Scott Pullen
Fitball - Get on the Ball
Lisa Westlake
An Introduction to Kettlebell Training
Brett Jones
Explore this “old school” Russian fitness tool in the realms of functional training with the ultimate goal of learning to use our bodies better!


Periodization of Strength Part 1: Anatomical Adaptation
Tudor Bompa
Dear God, Don't Eat That! Part 2
Noah Hittner
Trans fats, processed salt, processed dairy, caffeine and more. Learn the truth about what’s helping and what’s NOT in your quest for a healthy diet.
Strength Training for Sports
Tudor Bompa

Too often we have seen coaches and trainers throw their athletes in a weight room with a sheet full of exercises that have basically been recycled over the past several years. Tudor Bompa discusses why we need to change that approach if the goal is enhanced performance.

Omega-3 Fats
Bob Seebohar
Seebohar takes a closer look at omega-3 fatty acids vs omega-6 and gives us tools to draw the line with clients.
Circuit Training Variations - Part 1
Dr. Rob Orr

Super stimulate the mind and body with Rob Orr’s 15 circuit training workout variations!

Alternative Dieting for Fat Loss
Lou Barrie
Lou outlines the principles behind effective, long term fat loss and health and describes why current dogma has produced a world wide epidemic of obesity and Adult Onset Diabetes.
Exercise of the month

Squat - Prisoner
Program of the month

Golf Conditioning 2 - Strength