Where Do Most of Your New Clients Come From?

Josh Martin | 20 Jun 2017

If you didn’t say “online” then you’re missing out the #1 way that prospective clients are finding trainers today.

Finding a great trainer can be tough. When a client searches for a trainer, your online presence can be the difference between you getting that new client or not. Our mission at Find Your Trainer is to improve the health and well-being of Americans by connecting them to the best personal trainers via our online platform. Since our launch, we’ve helped match thousands of clients with trainers.

We’ve learned exactly how trainers can convert leads into clients along the way. Six of the most important components to creating an online presence are listed below.

1. Get Found

If a client can’t find you online- you are not getting that new client! Trainers simply don’t have the money or the time to navigate the ins and outs of Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) algorithms, build and manage a personal website, and all the other components that go into creating and managing a successful online presence.

This means that it is usually more effective for a trainer to create a profile on an already existing site than creating a new website from scratch.

If you don’t have an online profile for your professional self- create one ASAP! Make sure your profile is on a site that will help you get found by clients looking for the best personal trainers.

2. Client Reviews

New clients want to know that you’re great and that you’ve helped people like them. Clients expect to see ratings and reviews before booking nearly anything - from a restaurant to a hotel to watching a show on Netflix. Ratings and reviews are simply now part of our culture.

Make sure that you are providing new clients what they expect. From our experience at Find Your Trainer, we know that trainers with 6 or more client reviews and ratings get over 85% of all new client bookings.

3. Photos

Here’s what we know about photos that absolutely works:

  • Clients rarely, if ever, book with a trainer with just one or two photos or low-quality images.
  • Photos of you being active, smiling and engaging and photos of you working with clients are the best photos to include.
  • DO NOT include any shirtless images, selfies, non-fitness related photos, logos, memes or images with any text on them. These types of images do not resonate with clients.

Trainers with 4+ high quality photos of themselves and working with clients are 10x more likely to be booked.

Below is an example of trainer with some great photography that converts leads to clients; click on the image to see her full profile on our site.

4. Bio

Your bio is the opportunity to help clients connect with you and to share your personal journey with fitness. Every trainer has a great story of why he or she chose a career helping people get fit and healthy.

Your story truly matters to new clients.

Your experience and certifications demonstrate that you’ve invested the time and resources to educate yourself. This means that you are well-equipped to help clients through whatever situation they may be facing. This is the perfect place to share some client types that you really enjoy working with and some client success stories. This helps the client know if you’re a good fit for them.

5. Availability

94% of all new client bookings are with trainers that have real-time availability and online booking.

When a client is ready a start, they’re ready to start! Scheduling is one of the biggest obstacles that new clients have when starting training. Back and forth emailing, texting or phone calls to book sessions doesn’t work well for anyone. Real-time availability and online booking is not only the most effective but also now expected by clients.

6. Getting Paid

Selling sessions and getting paid is uncomfortable and clunky. No trainer likes that part of the job, and it’s even less enjoyable for clients. Make it simple for everyone by:

  • Setting one price that everyone pays. No more negotiating or haggling with new clients that are always looking for a deal. Ugh. Set your rate and stick to it.
  • Accept online payments only. The simplicity and ease lets you focus on helping clients, not on tracking payments and chasing people for checks.

Remember, every new client that seeks out a trainer is motivated by some recent trigger and that trigger is unique to that person, but that motivation to start training has a finite life. Make sure that when that prospective client is motivated to make a life changing decision to start training that you are best positioned to get that client!

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Josh Martin

About the author: Josh Martin

Josh is the co-founder of Find Your Trainer - an online marketplace connecting clients with personal trainers - and founder of Orange Shoe Personal Fitness - a franchise company of boutique, personal and small group fitness training studios. He has an MBA from University of Wisconsin-Madison and has blended this knowledge with his passion for fitness to create better resources for personal trainers.

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