Best Ways to Market Your Fitness Business in 2017

Maurice Williams | 13 Jun 2017

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If you don’t know how to market your business, you will soon find yourself without a business.

It’s a pretty harsh statement, right? However, it’s the truth.

Marketing is arguably the most important and hardest thing to do as a business owner. It’s the most important because It’s what drives your revenue, pays your rent and pays your employees. It’s the hardest thing to do because history proves that not all marketing tactics work for every business.

With all this said, I do believe there are some marketing schemes that will ensure your success.

Here are my three suggested ways to market your fitness business in 2017:

idea plans action success
  1. Facebook Ads
  2. Referrals
  3. Public Speaking

Facebook Ads

In my humble opinion, Facebook ads are by far the best way to market your business. In my personal business, I started using this platform and it has brought me success.

Everyone, including our grandparents, uses Facebook. Facebook Marketing is powerful because it is the best way to reach your specific target market on a 24-hour basis.

The algorithms that Facebook uses to put your ad in front of your target market is so powerful that it’s almost scary how much they know about us; however, I do not suggest you do your Facebook ads on your own.

I recommend you outsource them or hire someone who can teach you to do them the right way (I recommend this company Brad Bearden Consulting). There is a very targeted and specific way to use Facebook ads and if done incorrectly, it can be detrimental to your business.

If your Facebook ads are done correctly, some can be an “evergreen” (i.e. ongoing) marketing campaign that will generate a large number of qualified buyers each and every month.


Referrals are secondary to Facebook ads.

idea plans action success

Once you bring in new people every month off your Facebook ads, then it’s your team’s and your time to shine. In other words, it’s time to “wow” those clients with not only results, but making them feel like VIP, red carpet folks!

Once this happens, you must have a solid referral system in place to ensure that your current clients know how to refer you.

  • Keep this in mind please: your clients don’t wake up every morning thinking about who they are going to refer to you. As a result, they must be taught how to refer you.

Here’s an example of the referral system I use for my business:

  1. About one or two weeks after each new client signs up, I push them into automated emails through my contact management system (Infusionsoft). These emails, within a month, will ask them for referrals and reward them with a $100 gift card of their choice or $100 off their next month’s bill.
  2. Within 1 month, I’m verbally asking them if they know of anyone like themselves who also wants to lose weight, feel great and be in the best shape of their lives. I also tell them that for every person they refer to me who signs up for one of my fitness programs, I’ll reward not only them, but also the person they refer.
  3. I send them a handwritten note thanking them for their referral and recognize them in my monthly e-newsletter.
idea plans action success

Public Speaking

Anytime you can get in front of a group of people and be the expert, you should.

Also, anytime you can bring an expert to your facility (if you have one) to speak on a topic that your clientele (and community) have an interest in, you should.

People like to work with other people they know, like and trust. Public speaking gives you the opportunity to be that person.

Every time you put on a workshop, you should have some sort of offer with it; for example, if you are doing a workshop on the five best exercises to relieve low back pain, then your offer could look like this:

The first five people who go to your website and sign up for a consultation with you will receive the following:

  1. One week of semi-private training sessions.
  2. A foam roller.
  3. An exercise program that specific for their back issues that they can do from the comfort of their home.

All of this for: $$$ (you decide, based upon your margins, how much you want to charge).


Marketing your business in 2017 does not have to hard. You should not feel like you must have your fishing rods in every pond of water either.

If you focus on three above, especially Facebook ads, your business will be success (or even more successful) in 2017 and beyond.

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Maurice Williams

About the author: Maurice Williams

Maurice Williams offers a rare combination of advanced academic training, personal experience as a competitive athlete, and twenty years of experience in personal fitness and training. That combination –- a strong understanding of exercise and sport science and clinical exercise physiology, the determination of a competitive athlete, and broad fitness experience –- makes Maurice uniquely effective in helping his clients meet their health and fitness goals. He has a BS in Exercise/Sport Science from Elon University and an MS in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Ohio University.

Experience that makes a difference for you
Recognized as a Master Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and an Elite Personal Fitness Trainer by IDEA, Maurice can help you no matter what your age, condition, or fitness goals. He works with women between the ages of 35-50 who are looking to regain the energy and look that they had in their 20’s and 30’s so they will not be frustrated and upset with themselves when they look in the mirror. He also is certified as a Personal Fitness Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Senior Fitness Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist & Fitness Nutrition Specialist by NASM, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), a Barefoot Training Specialist-Level 1 through EBFA, a Fitness Nutrition Coach-Level 1 through Precision Nutrition and a Master Instructor for NASM & Most-Fit. As a fitness educator with his own education company, Move Well Fit Academy, Maurice teaches the Certified Personal Trainer course through NASM.

Smart Training that Produces Results
Maurice exercises his clients through the concept of functional training – focusing on everyday body movements, not muscles, in a progressive fashion to allow for optimal improvements in everyday activities, such as walking and lifting, as well as helping contribute to weight loss, increased stamina and strength. Maurice has helped people match exercise to their specific health challenges, too, including diabetes, osteoporosis, multiple sclerosis, hypertension, coronary artery disease, lower back pain, pulmonary issues, and pregnancy. His personal training studio, Move Well Fitness, specializes in 30-minute, semi-private (3-5 people) personal group training sessions that action packed with results driven programs. 

The Right Values
Maurice believes “Everyone has fitness is them, the challenge is bringing the fitness out.” His current workout includes resistance training, cardio and yoga. A former high school and collegiate athlete, Maurice grew up in South Carolina with roots that reach back to Brooklyn, NY. An avid sports fan, he still roots for Elon and his favorites, the Miami Hurricanes and the UNC Tarheels. A leader in his church, husband with a beautiful wife (just ask him) and father of four children, Maurice brings the right values to his work and his clients – a shared commitment to good health and fitness, an honest determination, and an understanding of what it takes to meet difficult challenges.

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