Are Your Clients Benefiting from HIIT Training?

Karen Roberts | 03 Jan 2017

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It’s not for everyone, but high intensity interval training has become very popular over the last few years, with workout DVDs such as “Insanity” by Shaun T. and popular gym classes such as Les Mills’ “Grit Series” and Virgin Active’s “24.” HIIT now has a huge following.

But why should you be getting your clients to include HIIT training in their workout schedule? Well, the workouts are short; workouts can be over in as little as 20 minutes, so if you have clients with the “I’ve not time” excuse, these workouts are perfect for them.

The workouts are intense so clients need to have a certain level of fitness but then HIIT promises to get you twice as fit and burn twice as many calories in half the time.

What Does HIIT Involve?

Typically, exercise classes involving the HIIT approach can vary but usually you will spend about 20-45 seconds performing an exercise at 80-95% of your maximal heart rate. This is then followed by a recovery period of about 10-45 seconds; this could be rest or performing another exercise at a much lower intensity. The workout continues alternating between the work and rest periods. Exercises could include the dreaded burpee, jump squats, high-knees, or press-ups.

You can also get your clients to apply the HIIT principle to other forms of exercise such as using cardio machines in the gym or running outside. For example, if you were to perform short burst of sprinting with a period of recovery, say walking or jogging. This could be a great way to start clients off with HIIT.

Why You Should Get Your Clients to Do HIIT

Super-efficient HIIT is the perfect workout for anyone with a busy schedule; it can be squeezed in during a lunch hour or can be fit it in while dinner is in the oven!

Not only is HIIT considered to be much more effective at calorie burning than a normal cardio workout, research has also shown that HIIT will continue to burn calories after you stop working out. Its true, the period after exercise, called EPOC which stands for “exercise post oxygen consumption” when your body tries to restore itself to its pre-exercise levels will continue to burn up to 15% more calories for up to 2 hours after you workout.

What more do you need to hear to get your clients doing HIIT? Maybe that you can achieve more progress in a mere 15 minutes of interval training (done three times a week) than the gym goer that just runs on the treadmill for an hour.

Other benefits of HIIT workouts include improvement in aerobic and anaerobic fitness, lowered blood pressure, improvements in cardiovascular health and a decrease in fat levels while maintaining muscle mass. Research even suggests that high-intensity interval training can help to reduce blood sugar levels and offset type 2 diabetes.

Below is one of my favourite HIIT workouts; all exercises can be regressed eg. squat jumps can just be bodyweight squats, plank jacks can just be holding a plank for 20 seconds and clients can work up to the harder moves.

example of a HITT workout

As you can tell I personally love HIIT training because it gets results fast and clients want results fast!

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Karen Roberts

About the author: Karen Roberts

Karen is a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer living in Somerset, UK. She has specialist certification in Kettle bell Training, Suspension Training and Group Training and is starting her Level 4 Diploma in Exercise Referral specializing in Obese and Diabetic clients.

Previously Karen was a Massage Therapist but decided to retrain in 2014 to pursue her passion in the fitness industry. She has 3 teenage daughters who she is trying to inspire to grow up to be fit, strong and healthy women.

Karen works mainly with female clients and trains them from her home gym as well as doing two circuit classes per week. These are available for free to her PT clients and the class members have access to a private Facebook group where she shares mini workouts, healthy recipes, and hold various challenges to help everyone keep fit and healthy. Karen has also recently launched an online platform aimed specifically for brides that want to get in shape before their big day.

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