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Virtual Training: Establishing Accountability for My Clients

Mindy Mylrea | 26 Mar 2015

More and more professionals are tapping into what has been previously considered “niche” virtual training.

This has changed significantly within the past 3 years, with the emergence of every App we can imagine and all of our clients looking for more convenience. Before our culture went mobile, more traditional trainers ...

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Alkaline Eating - Perfect Post-Workout Power!

Teri Gentes | 24 Mar 2015

The best choices to make for optimal recovery after a grueling conditioning regime extend far beyond the industry influenced suggestion for chocolate milk.  But you knew that already right!  Read on for some of the best things you can do and preferred foods choices to give you ...

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Meal Management: How to Make it Work!

Teri Gentes | 19 Mar 2015

Most everyone lives with the challenge of too much to do in too little time.  Today’s pace and demands can be, well let’s face it, most often they are truly grueling. What we all too often sacrifice in this crazy chaos we seem to thrive on is actually ...

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Are You Assessing Or Guessing?

Kusha Karvandi | 16 Mar 2015

As a 10 year fitness industry veteran, I’ve seen it all. Overhead squats, Functional Movement Screens, Step tests – you name it. All of these that I’m referring to are assessments, designed to give fitness professionals a yardstick for measuring progress and building value.

The purpose of this post ...

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From Finance to Fitness

Sarah O'Neill | 12 Mar 2015

In 2009 I swapped suit and heels for stopwatch and lycra, moving from a career in financial PR to setting up my own Personal Training business in the great outdoors. My careers were poles apart but a lot of the lessons I learnt working in finance are transferable. Here ...

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