Youth and Resistance Training

Nicholas Lapointe | 19 Sep 2017

It’s your first day in the weight room with a young team, and half of them have never touched a weight before. Where do you start? Give them a barbell and have them perform a snatch? Not quite. At what age should kids begin lifting weights? How do you ...

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Why Semi-Private Training should be Your Number #1 Service Offering

Maurice Williams | 12 Sep 2017


Semi-private (aka: small group) training has been on the rise in our industry for at least the past 15 years. This form of personal training has many unique benefits to not only the consumer, but also us as fitness professionals. Boutique fitness brands such as Orange Theory, F45 Training ...

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Are You Planning to Fail?

Jessica Botte | 06 Sep 2017

6:08am: You glance and your calendar just to double check that you have a 6am session with Eric. It’s on there, but it’s not like him to be late.

     Hmm, did he mention a time change when I saw him last week? I vaguely remember ...

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Programmed for Success

Bob Wells | 22 Aug 2017

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

We all have, at one point or another, heard this simple, yet profound adage. As coaches, we are taught to drive home to our clients the message that planning, especially individualized programming, is a crucial part of the success rate of ...

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How Much is Too Much?

Trinity Perkins | 01 Aug 2017

trainer and client in gym

“My client let me trash her this morning with 13 upper body and core exercises, nonstop. She is a soldier though. Killed it…”

This caption was posted on Instagram, under a video of a young woman who looked exhausted pushing through a few of those 13 exercises, most of which ...

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