Secrets to Retaining Clients

Dean Hodgkin | 08 May 2018

The success of any PT business clearly relies upon attracting new customers, but it could be argued a more important factor in the recipe for success is keeping those clients. One method I’ve found works in improving retention is to look beyond the professional supplier-consumer interactions and to think ...

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Lessons from the Boutique Studios

Dean Hodgkin | 04 May 2018

Boutique studios have revolutionized the fitness landscape by adopting a high-ticket price proposition, boldly differentiating themselves from a sector that had increasingly shifted towards the budget gym offer. Whilst the emphasis on unique, luxury interior design plays a role, the key factor responsible for the continued success of this ...

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Do This One Thing and Watch Your Sales Numbers Soar

Bob Wells | 02 May 2018

"Oh, the time has come for my dreams to be heard. They will not be pushed aside and turned into your own all 'cause you won't..."


Listening is obviously important, but it can be more challenging than we sometimes know or care to admit. We often confuse hearing with listening.

Author ...

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“I Just Want To Be Toned”

Nicholas Lapointe | 24 Apr 2018

“I just want to be toned”, we’ve all heard it before. At the gym, from your friends, on TV, and you might have even said it yourself at some point. As a personal trainer, I hear it every day. The word “toned” is misused and misunderstood, so in this ...

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Why a Member Saying “No” is Great for Your PT Business

Dean Zweck | 17 Apr 2018

“Would you like to start training with me?”


It’s something we hear time and time again as a personal trainer. Hearing “no” time and time again can lead to a fear of rejection, which can be fatal for your business. You lose motivation, you no longer approach anyone and before ...

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