Short Body Blues: Training the Whole Person

Frank Forencich | 20 Sep 2016

man in a box

“He would dream of discovering a magic optometrist from whom he would purchase a pair of green-tinged spectacles which would correct his regrettable myopia, and after that he would be able to see through the dense, blinding air to the fabulous world beneath.”

Salman Rushdie
The Satanic Verses

As trainers and coaches, ...

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4 Tips for Working with Aging Clients

Andrew Props | 13 Sep 2016

man in a box

At the gym where I work, I typically train older clients. Older clients are much different than younger clients, but in many ways they are the same. All clients have goals, specific needs and a desire to better themselves; but in many ways, training older and younger clients can ...

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How to Maximize Your Daily Grind

Joshua Chewning | 06 Sep 2016

I'm going to be completely open and transparent with you.  After going through 7 weeks of chemotherapy in 2011, I thought I was back on the “grind” and ready to take on the world!  I was really taken back when my wife said, "Josh, we need to ...

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Light as Medicine Part I: Vitamin D Rich Sunlight

Kusha Karvandi | 30 Aug 2016

sun in dirt

Unlock superhuman strength, zap pain, and supercharge your metabolism!

It is well known that plants can manufacture energy from light through a process called photosynthesis. The green color of plants is intentional by nature in order to absorb light through the green spectrum for photosynthesis to occur. Interestingly, when humans ...

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Debunking a Classic Myth: The Fat Burning Zone

Nicholas Lapointe | 25 Aug 2016

fat burn chart

“Running is bad for your knees.”

“Stretching helps your body recover faster.”

“Crunches will get rid of abdominal fat.”

“If you’re not sore after a workout, you didn’t work hard enough, No pain, no gain…”

All of these are common myths that far too many people believe. The myth that I’m going to ...

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