On the Road as a Coach

Bob Wells | 16 May 2017

bob on vacation

Whether we hit the open road, or the open skies, travel can be a big part of our personal and professional lives.

From visiting family to attending industry conferences to just exploring a new country or continent just to see more of our amazing world, it's inevitable that travel will ...

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The Secret to Gaining Clients in a Commercial Gym

Dean Zweck | 09 May 2017

The Current Status Quo

Many trainers enter into a career as a personal trainer with the view of helping people achieve results and making a decent wage as well. However, in the UK the average personal trainer salary is only £16,000 and 43% of trainers leave within their first 3-4 ...

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The Importance of Self-care for Fitness Professionals

Trinity Perkins | 02 May 2017

I remember the excitement of starting my personal training business.

I would train anyone who wanted to work with me, any time of day, 7 days a week.

I was making money, I was self-employed and I looked really busy and successful… at least on the outside because inside, I was ...

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The Bulky Myth

Christopher Ybanez | 25 Apr 2017

“I don’t want to get bulky like those bodybuilder and CrossFit chicks!”

This is the apex reason I hear from women about why they do not want to strength train. It is a myth, I tell you!

Jacked and Tan

True, there are some (but few) women who are predisposed to putting ...

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6 Habits Holding You Back from Becoming a Top Trainer

Jessica Botte | 18 Apr 2017

Your clients have self-sabotaging behaviors and unhealthy habits that keep them from hitting their goals. That’s why they’ve asked you for help. Together, you strategize and come up with a plan to help them get out of their own way and onto the gainz train.

I know you take the ...

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