The Strength Handbook for Trainers

Kevin Mullins | 17 Jan 2017

Being strong is excellent and being excellent if often a matter of being strong.

Reaching the peak of physical strength, or at least landing within its range, is a common goal of fitness enthusiasts everywhere. Simply put, no one wants to be weaker. As a trainer, it is imperative to ...

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Getting to the Heart of Goal Setting – Living Out the Lifestyle That You Want to Lead

Kylianne Turton | 10 Jan 2017

Kylianne jump with a ViPR

When starting an exercise program, we ask a client his or her goal is. As a personal trainer/movement coach, the most common responses I have gotten are:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Tone Up
  3. Increase Strength
  4. Increase Fitness

What is the ...

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Are Your Clients Benefiting from HIIT Training?

Karen Roberts | 03 Jan 2017

Karen Roberts Stretching

It’s not for everyone, but high intensity interval training has become very popular over the last few years, with workout DVDs such as “Insanity” by Shaun T. and popular gym classes such as Les Mills’ “Grit Series” and Virgin Active’s “24.” HIIT now has a huge following.

But why should ...

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Light as Medicine Part II: Understanding the Circadian Rhythm

Kusha Karvandi | 27 Dec 2016

man looking at computer

In Part I, I discussed the various types of light and how each has its own individual biological properties associated with it. In this article we are going to explore blue light more specifically.

Blue light is a wavelength that presents bioactive features in the human cells. It’s completely different ...

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Dynamic Warm-Ups for People with Joint Issues

Maurice Williams | 20 Dec 2016

Dynamic warm-ups have become popular over the past 5-10 years. We use them with our clients on a regular basis. They have become so popular that even non fitness professionals use them in workouts. Even though they have become popular and standard in our field, does this mean any ...

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