Insurance: How to Protect Yourself as a Personal Trainer

Jennifer Urmston Lowe | 21 Feb 2017

barbell bar

Insurance is vitally important to your business because Personal Trainers are at risk for claims every day. Those claims can come from their actual actions, spoken words, a lack of proper instruction and a number of other exposures including personal injury, cyber liability and sexual abuse. There are effective ...

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We Got 99 Problems but Being Fit Ain’t One

Giovanni Roselli | 14 Feb 2017


No industry is perfect.

Every industry has its fair share of problems and obstacles. As I wrote in a previous post for PTontheNet, Don’t Curb Your Enthusiasm, I believe that heart and soul should go into everything we do. Based on this idea, I care a lot about our industry.

Let’s ...

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The Growth of Online Coaching

Paul Hooper | 07 Feb 2017


The latest trend sweeping the globe in the health and fitness industry is the massive growth of online fitness coaching.

Often you will see advertisements across social media for online coaching packages and transformation challenges. But what do you really get out of no face-to-face contact?

Well, having made myself available ...

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Light as Medicine Part III: How Different Light Wavelengths Affect Humans

Kusha Karvandi | 31 Jan 2017

multi-colored lights

One of the most fascinating studies of all is the different wavelengths of light as it affects humans. There are red wavelengths as well as near infrared wavelengths when it comes to light.

Red light seems to have a huge impact upon human cells. This is analogous in how plants ...

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So, You're Thinking About Becoming a High School Strength Coach?

Joshua Chewning | 24 Jan 2017


About four years ago, I began working with a local high school as their strength coach. I primarily worked with their football team, but for a few years I also worked with other sports as well. In my time with these student athletes, I’ve learned a lot and I’m ...

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