Using Storytelling to Sell Personal Training

Joshua Chewning | 18 Oct 2016

people high-fiving

Storytelling can be a powerful tool to connect with your clients by relating to their personal experience. Below are two examples of how you can improve your ability to connect to your clients by allowing them to better to relate to your message and, in turn, buy into the ...

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Elevating Group Fitness

Kevin Mullins | 04 Oct 2016

There is an old saying about respect. It goes something like, “respect is given when respect is earned.” It refers to the fact that respect is not an inherent assumption in life, rather someone must demonstrate worthiness for the admiration of others.

Group fitness has become that someone. It has ...

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Fit’nomics: Be Heuristic!

Christopher Ybanez | 27 Sep 2016

trainers talking

As a fitness manager, I helped shape two of the premier fitness cultures in the 24hr Fitness family within a 3-year time period. Each has been architected through a performance blueprint that focused on the binary, as well as the human spirit, to build out the success each has ...

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Short Body Blues: Training the Whole Person

Frank Forencich | 20 Sep 2016

man in a box

“He would dream of discovering a magic optometrist from whom he would purchase a pair of green-tinged spectacles which would correct his regrettable myopia, and after that he would be able to see through the dense, blinding air to the fabulous world beneath.”

Salman Rushdie
The Satanic Verses

As trainers and coaches, ...

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