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Healthy Roasted Beet Salad Recipe

Teri Gentes | 23 Nov 2015

Healthy Roasted Beet Salad Recipe

With Walnuts, Greens, Sprouts and Cherve

Vegetarian, gluten free, soy free, paleo
Salad, side or main

Roasted beets are like candy to me and this oh so pretty salad is a hit with most everyone. It can be served in numerous ways including over a bed ...

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Working as a Personal Trainer in the Middle East

Karen Porter | 29 Oct 2015

working in the middle east

Working and living in the Middle East can bring about some amazing opportunities if you are ready to grab them.

I have lived and worked in the Middle East for the last 10 years. I came here from The Reebok Club, in London, a far cry from the social, climate ...

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Peripheral Heart Action Training: The All-in-One Workout

Maurice Williams | 26 Oct 2015

peripheral heart action training

As a personal fitness trainer, I get asked all the time the following question: “What is the best workout for me to do?” I always chuckle at this question! The biggest reason why I laugh is because there really is no “best” workout. One of the other reasons why ...

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Healthy Pink Margarita Recipe

Teri Gentes | 19 Oct 2015

Healthy Pink Margarita Recipe

Made with Fresh Watermelon Juice! (Non-alcoholic recipe also available below)


Gotta say, I am a tequila fan and have been for quite some time! No, not shooters. I prefer to sip on a fine tequila straight up, enjoy a more casual version over ice, even as a ...

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Thinking Fitness

Dean Hodgkin | 15 Oct 2015

mental illness

The endorphin effect is a familiar concept to regular exercisers, yet the mental health benefits of activity are not well known outside our industry. This is due to the fact that despite there being a wealth of evidence to prove exercise can help to prevent conditions such as heart ...

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