Simma Down Now: How to Manage Stress and Have an Amazing Life

Bob Wells | 30 Oct 2018


It, like stress, which it is often a metaphor for, breaks the backs of camels and men alike.

As Precision Nutrition’s Krista Scott-Dixon and Brian St. Pierre enumerate in their article, “Good stress, bad stress”, there are multiple types of stress. Bad stress includes such things as dealing with terrible ...

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Personal Training and Financial Wellness: Getting Results for Yourself

Kevin Mullins | 24 Oct 2018

Becoming a personal trainer is one of the most exciting decisions an individual could make with their career. Suddenly, your passion becomes your profession. You can exercise, and help other people exercise, while getting paid for it. The classic quote of “never working a day in your life if ...

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Exercises To Live By...Literally

Giovanni Roselli | 21 Sep 2018

It’s no secret that the word “functional” is one of the big buzzwords in fitness today. Despite the varying opinions on what some are defining as “functional movements”, it usually always gets narrowed down to activities of daily living.

There are 6 basic fundamental activities of daily living:

Quiet Periods and How to Overcome Them

Paul Hooper | 28 Aug 2018

Quiet periods are a way of life for a relatively new CPT. Whether it is your first week or first year, there will be times when your week goes quiet due to a number of factors.

It could be school holidays and some of your clients who are parents have ...

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Three Fitness Toys You Should Have That You Don’t Have Now

Maurice Williams | 23 Aug 2018

Three Fitness Toys You Should Have That You Don’t Have Now

What fitness professional is not attracted to some new shiny piece of fitness equipment? On numerous occasions, I have glanced through fitness equipment magazines, looked on the web or visited a fitness gym and saw something that I wanted. ...

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