It’s Not Selling, It’s Connecting

Christopher Ybanez | 06 Dec 2016

The sale process makes for sweaty palms and stuttered speech for most trainers when, in fact, it should dial up a whirlwind of excitement to create a chance to become an agent of change for someone.

It all boils down to the interpersonal dynamics of building a relationship. By having ...

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Moving with Prolapse: Emotional-Based Movement

Kylianne Turton | 29 Nov 2016

Moving with Prolapse

“Training the human being, not just the human body.” – Haley Hollander  

Although all movement with prolapse doesn’t “fit” within a certain box, women with prolapse can often feel confined to one, so as fitness professionals we can do some outside-of-the-box thinking to help women see all the ...

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Destress, Don’t Distress: Guiding Your Clients to Complete Wellness

Dean Hodgkin | 22 Nov 2016

woman holding her head

The current meaning of the word stress didn’t appear in our language until the 1950s when Hungarian Hans Selye introduced the term after pioneering studies in this field. Now, it’s a concept with which we’re all familiar and from which statistics suggest that many of your clients will be ...

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Strength Training for Swimmers

Nicholas Lapointe | 15 Nov 2016


More and more, strength and conditioning is becoming a staple in a swimmer's training plan. Take a look at any of the top swimmers in the world today, and they all engage in some form of strength training. Because swimming is such a unique sport, a trainer who has ...

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My Fitness Journey: Becoming a Fit Pro Later in Life

Karen Roberts | 08 Nov 2016

Karen Roberts in a gym

I haven’t always been into fitness and healthy living.

Way back in my school days I’d have every excuse under the sun ready for my PE teachers so I could get out of having to do anything that would bring me out in a sweat.

Roll on a few years (quite ...

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