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One Size Does Not Fit All

Kim Bibeau | 05 Mar 2015

It’s a scenario we’ve all seen: Overweight 58-year-old single mom Marie” can’t afford private personal training. She is sick and tired of being sick and tired and is ready to get back to where she once was. You have convinced her to join your Monday night small group training ...

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Taking Your Business from "Paper-Mess" to "Paper-Less"

Joshua Chewning | 02 Mar 2015

In any business, management of paperwork is a large undertaking. It is no different in personal training. The paperwork to manage includes client assessment forms, workout logs, invoices, program design templates, articles and educational handouts. It is difficult for even the most organized trainer to keep all of these ...

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Look Who’s Talking: Mastering Communication Skills to Optimize Workouts

Dean Hodgkin | 25 Feb 2015

It’s reasonable to suggest that if you can’t get your clients to follow precisely the plan you’ve designed for them, they may well fall short of the results they (and you) desire which throws up an interesting question – is communication even more important a skill than exercise selection ...

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Become a Master of the Kettlebell

Perry Howard | 23 Feb 2015

I can’t walk more than ten feet in any gym and not witness some trainer taking his or her client through a kettlebell workout, or notice signs for a new kettlebell class that’s being offered. This shows the kettlebell popularity, but the most worrying thing to me is that ...

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Engaging the Older Client

Shaun Hallett | 16 Feb 2015

As a "more mature" Personal Trainer I'm often asked about the type of activities that are suitable for older clients. My answer is always the same; everything and anything. Training can provide a range of benefits, at any age; helping with balance and coordination, improving strength, boosting memory, lifting ...

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