Balance Training

Dean Hodgkin | 10 Jan 2018

woman balancing in a kettlebell

The value of providing a balanced approach to programming for our clients.

Even though they may take it for granted, our clients need balance proficiency in many everyday situations. Standing up from a chair, picking up a bag and taking the first step as they start to walk are not ...

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Eating Habits and Weight Loss – Dispelling Some Myths

Dean Zweck | 03 Jan 2018

There are many words that can cause an argument on social media, and nutrition is certainly one of them. It’s great to see so many people passionate about what we put in our bodies, but time and time again, I see PTs basing their opinions on their own dogma, ...

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Goal Setting

Maurice Williams | 19 Dec 2017

As we approach the end of another year, it is that time where most people start making plans for the New Year. The same should be happening for us as fitness professionals.

Whether you are a fitness studio owner, independent personal trainer or work in big box gym, you should ...

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The Nutrition Compliance Variance

Bob Wells | 13 Dec 2017

As fitness coaches and nutritionists, we know the vital role that nutrition plays in achieving aesthetic, performance, and health-related results for our clients. Our clients do as well, and most of them can easily rattle off the DOs, as well as the DO-NOTs of nutrition.

However, when we review their ...

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Introduction to Female Hormones

Trinity Perkins | 12 Dec 2017

I was doing a nutrition consultation with a woman who was so excited because she finally got her husband on board with heathy eating and exercise. She loved exercising with him and cooking dinner was less of a chore now that they were eating most of the same foods. ...

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