How Much is Too Much?

Trinity Perkins | 01 Aug 2017

trainer and client in gym

“My client let me trash her this morning with 13 upper body and core exercises, nonstop. She is a soldier though. Killed it…”

This caption was posted on Instagram, under a video of a young woman who looked exhausted pushing through a few of those 13 exercises, most of which ...

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Is Ballistic Stretching Worth the Risk?

Nicholas Lapointe | 25 Jul 2017

In my last two posts, I discussed static and dynamic stretching. I touched on the benefits of each modality, cleared up some common misconceptions, and explained how and when to appropriately incorporate them in to an exercise program. You can read about static stretching here and dynamic stretching here. ...

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Balance Training in the Senior Community

Natalie Davis | 18 Jul 2017

The senior community is often forgotten in the world of fitness. The baby boomers are getting older and medical science is providing more opportunities for a longer life span- the senior community is more active than ever. Some of the people in this population have artificial joints, which are ...

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Chair-Based Fitness Programs for Active Adults

Irene Lewis-McCormick | 12 Jul 2017

As a conference speaker, I have met many fitness professionals who tell me they don’t work with older adult populations because the work is not fun, intense, easy, nor does it include opportunities to get a workout. I realize this may sound negative and antagonistic, but these fitness professionals ...

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Workout Diary: Help Your Clients Get It Write!

Dean Hodgkin | 03 Jul 2017

A simple yet incredibly useful tool to ensure your clients retain a positive mindset, particularly when exercising becomes tough or blips occur, is a workout diary.

Basic in design and easy to use, a workout diary has the power to motivate your clients to achieve more, whether that's measured in ...

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