Looking Back on My First Three Years in The Fitness Industry

Nicholas Lapointe | 19 Jun 2018

I’m going to share with you what I have found I’ve learned about myself, my training methods, and working in the fitness industry as a whole through my first three years as a personal trainer and strength coach, and how this has changed over the course of these three ...

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How Important is Your Personality?

Paul Hooper | 12 Jun 2018

Any successful Personal Trainer will tell you that a good personality will always benefit your ability to build a good client base and attract the right clients to your service.

Potential clients want trust, honesty and above all else, fun from their Personal Trainer and if you cannot provide that ...

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The Wright Stuff: Vertical Core Training

Giovanni Roselli | 06 Jun 2018

I am always looking to learn from the leaders in the field. So when having the opportunity to cross paths with strength coach Todd Wright, I jumped at the chance to pick his brain. Since 2015, Todd has served as the assistant strength and conditioning coach for the Philadelphia ...

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Three Things to “Wow” Your Clients Now

Maurice Williams | 29 May 2018

There are a lot of options for people to get in shape these days. All they have to do is Google “fitness in their hometown” or “best gym/personal training studios in their town or residence” to see the plethora of options.

As a result, it is important to us as ...

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Taking Your Business Off the Floor and Online

Trinity Perkins | 22 May 2018

In the past 27 years, the internet has drastically changed the way we communicate, spend our leisure time, learn and work. In 1991, many people thought the idea of a “network of networks” was crazy, but today, there are over 287 million internet users in the United States (Statista, ...

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