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Why You Must Use Facebook to Grow Your Fitness Business

Maurice Williams | 24 May 2016

Before you read this blog, think for a moment; how many times have you checked your Facebook page today? My guess would be more than you want to admit! According to DMR, there are 1 billion daily active Facebook users worldwide where the average time spent using it is ...

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What History Tells Us About Keeping Our Bodies Healthy

Frank Forencich | 19 May 2016


“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”
- Frank Herbert, Dune (1965).

We get into this art because we love to move. We love being strong and we want to help others feel good too. It’s honorable work, this training and coaching. ...

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Tips for Becoming a Better Personal Trainer

Andrew Props | 12 May 2016

professional personal trainer in a gym

I have seen it numerous times and will probably continue to see it as long as gyms are still open. New personal trainers come in and think that they are the best thing since sliced bread. They like to think they know everything and that what they say is ...

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Strength Matters for Triathletes

Christopher Ybanez | 06 May 2016

kettlebell swing, turkish getup and pull-up trains triathletes

As a newly, self-labeled endurance athlete that is tackling his first Ironman in a few weeks, I can appreciate how my strength background has helped make my Ironman journey a little bit easier. See, strength is incredibly difficult to earn and hard to lose; while, cardio is easy to ...

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The Importance of Strength Training for Women as They Age

Karen Roberts | 21 Apr 2016

strength training woman

I haven’t purposefully sought out female clients over 40 but, as a 45 year old woman myself, most of my clients have ended up being just that.  It’s great, I love it, we understand each other pretty well and, as a woman of similar years, I can relate ...

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