How to Write and Promote the Perfect Fitness Blog

Maurice Williams | 16 Aug 2016

typing on a computer

According to, over 409 million people view more than 21.5 billion pages of blogs each month. On those blogs, there are about 55.8 million new posts and 49.9 million new comments each month. Without question, blogs are popular and are being read every minute!

Do you have a blog? ...

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4 Tools that Reduce the Amount of Excuses from Fitness Clients

Karen Roberts | 11 Aug 2016

no more excuses

Yep just when you think you’ve heard them all, you hear a new one “My dog ate my trainers!”

Thankfully, I haven’t heard that one yet! But I do frequently hear these…

"I haven’t got time."
"I have something else more urgent to do."
"I’m tired."
“I can’t be bothered.”

…just to name but a ...

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You’re Pregnant, Not Fat: Coaching a Woman Through Times of Significant Change

Kylianne Turton | 03 Aug 2016

By now you have probably come to realise that not only are you training the body, but you are helping your clients with building healthy mindsets.

When it comes to pregnancy, this is a whole other ball game. There is so much significant change happening with the body that body ...

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French Fries: Teaching Your Clients Healthier Versions of Their Favorite Foods

Giovanni Roselli | 01 Aug 2016

As a personal trainer, you’re doing more than teaching your clients how to exercise; you’re teaching them healthy habits, including how they can better manage their food choices. Of course this is easier said than done, especially with clients who are motivated to exercise but use it as a ...

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Fitness in Social Media: A Motivational Approach

Paul Hooper | 27 Jul 2016

With the age of technology and, even more so, social media bombarding our news feeds with varying images of slim, toned, muscular physiques, it can be hard sometimes to not feel a lack of confidence and somewhat self-conscious about one’s own image.

Change is not Instant

While the overload of images ...

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