Why You Need to Focus on the 98%

Dean Zweck | 14 Feb 2018

In a good situation, a client will train 3 times a week. In a great situation, those 3 times will be with you. However, over a week which lasts 168 hours, those 3 hours equals less than 2% of the week. Where do you think the client is likely ...

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Top 5 Reasons to Have Customer Surveys

Natalie Davis | 26 Jan 2018

Customer surveys are all over our inboxes. It seems like every day, one organization or another is requesting feedback and offering tantalizing incentives for doing so; one company may offer a 50% discount on the next purchase, while the next may offer entry into a raffle to win an ...

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Off Time

Joshua Chewning | 24 Jan 2018

trainer talking to client

There's 168 hours in a week. Of that 168, you may see your client for one, two, or three hours of that time. Based on math alone, it's easy to illustrate why your client may be having difficulty making lasting lifestyle changes to better support their goals. They are ...

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Balance Training

Dean Hodgkin | 10 Jan 2018

woman balancing in a kettlebell

The value of providing a balanced approach to programming for our clients.

Even though they may take it for granted, our clients need balance proficiency in many everyday situations. Standing up from a chair, picking up a bag and taking the first step as they start to walk are not ...

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Eating Habits and Weight Loss – Dispelling Some Myths

Dean Zweck | 03 Jan 2018

There are many words that can cause an argument on social media, and nutrition is certainly one of them. It’s great to see so many people passionate about what we put in our bodies, but time and time again, I see PTs basing their opinions on their own dogma, ...

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