Fitness in Social Media: A Motivational Approach

Paul Hooper | 27 Jul 2016

With the age of technology and, even more so, social media bombarding our news feeds with varying images of slim, toned, muscular physiques, it can be hard sometimes to not feel a lack of confidence and somewhat self-conscious about one’s own image.

Change is not Instant

While the overload of images ...

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Overcoming Mental Barriers with Clients

Andrew Props | 20 Jul 2016

If you have worked in the fitness industry for any amount of time you have undoubtedly come across this kind of client: the one that is physically capable but not mentally capable of performing a task. Getting a client through a mental barrier is one of the keys to ...

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How to Train the Client that Always “Hurts”

Kevin Mullins | 12 Jul 2016

woman reading

In a perfect world every client loves exercise just like their trainer. They wake up looking forward to their training sessions, google ways to do new exercises, and are always looking for the toughest challenge they can get their hands on. Minor aches and pains are left in the ...

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Is Inadequacy or Empowerment a More Powerful Marketing Message?

Frank Forencich | 01 Jul 2016

Group Exercise with rope

When was the last time somebody told you that your body is perfectly OK the way it is?

When was the last time someone told you that you could relax into your health, your physicality and your life?

Has anyone ever told you anything of the kind? Have any of your ...

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