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Why the “Go Hard or Go Home” Mentality is a Recipe for Disaster

Chrissy Zmijewski | 01 Dec 2014

Social media and fitness magazine ads are full of athletic images with some kind of motivational quote, like:

  • “Go hard or go home.”
  • “No pain, no gain.”
  • “If you are tired of starting over, then stop giving ...

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Strategies to Gain and Retain Paying Clients

Michelle Roots | 09 Oct 2014

Whether you're new to the personal training industry or you have 10 years' experience under your belt, it's important to have specific strategies in place for gaining new clientele, as well as keeping current paying clients in your system long term. Although the days of brochures, paid magazine/newspaper advertisements ...

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Gluten: Good To Go Or Got To Go?

Teri Gentes | 01 Sep 2014

Gluten - from the intolerances, sensitivities or the more serious celiac disease - it's a hot and somewhat controversial issue with many. While intolerance and sensitivity are viewed as a fad by some, numerous experts (including doctors, nutritionists and scientists) suggest some of us need to avoid this protein.

Most ...

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Building a Positive Atmosphere in the Gym

Camilla Aryton | 12 Aug 2014

Have you ever walked into a gym and felt absolutely pumped to be there? Excited to get moving and be a part of it? By creating a positive atmosphere and genuinely fun place to work out, the environment will have a kind of "buzz" about it.

I have, thankfully, been ...

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Instagram to Boost Your Business

Camilla Aryton | 08 Apr 2014

Facebook is getting to me; constant feeds of stories, appeals, information and a lot of interaction. I never established and completely understood Twitter so I’m out of the cool gang. Social media is completely overwhelming; which is why, predominantly, I have made the switch to Instagram.  Instagram is ...

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