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Breathe Easy

Dean Hodgkin | 17 Aug 2015

breathe easy

Breathing is a natural balance of two processes and like many other bodily functions it’s usually a sub-conscious process even when we exercise and the rate of respiration increases. Because of this we often take this vital action for granted but if you consider that breathing patterns can influence ...

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Nutrition Sabotage

Sarah O'Neill | 13 Aug 2015

nutrition sabotage

You can deliver world-class Personal Training sessions to your clients week-on-week, but if a client fails to address their diet, all their hard work in training could be sabotaged. It is generally agreed weight loss is achieved 2/3 through diet and 1/3 through exercise - so nutrition has double ...

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Your Client’s Blueprint: The Importance of Periodization

Maurice Williams | 10 Aug 2015

Your Client's Blueprint: The Importance of Periodization

Let’s admit it, we are lazy! Yep, I said it and I did say WE! How many of us have fallen into the death trap of coming up with our client’s workouts “on the fly”?  We may have started off with great intentions, but life got in the ...

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Mastering the Art of Selling Using Unconscious Persuasion

Kusha Karvandi | 06 Aug 2015

When you're a personal trainer, you are your own best friend (or worst enemy, depending on your skills) when it comes to marketing your services. Many people do want to change - whether it's conscious or unconscious. As a trainer, you're likely familiar with the stages of personal change ...

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How to Manage Group Exercise Classes and Be a Success

Karen Porter | 03 Aug 2015

group boot camp

80-90% of people prefer to exercise in a group. Why? Because it is motivating, encouraging, social and fun. As an instructor you need to take the lead in ensuring these experiences happen so that the client commits and returns. It sounds easy, and many trainers think it is, ...

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