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The Year of Balance

Kim Bibeau | 27 Jul 2015

The Year of Balance

It’s hard to believe that earlier this month my business, Sweat Therapy Fitness, celebrated its fifth anniversary. Some people say the number five represents balance, and I can honestly say if there has been one thing lacking in our lives these past five years, it has been just that. ...

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Back to the Future: Successful Sessions Come from Thoughtful Programs

Kevin Mullins | 20 Jul 2015

Kevin Mullins Thoughtful Programs

One of the most important tasks for a fitness professional is developing the ability to look beyond today, acknowledge tomorrow, and plan into the unknown future. Honestly, being a successful coach requires your very own Delorean. You need to be in the past, in the moment, and in the ...

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Keep on Rolling

Perry Howard | 16 Jul 2015

foam rollers

It's discussed in almost every flexibility or corrective exercise class I teach, and with most of my personal training clients. They often ask: is foam rolling good for me? And when should I use it?

Foam rollers are great for promoting blood flow to the muscles and assisting with ...

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It’s Not Who You Know, It’s Who Knows You

Giovanni Roselli | 14 Jul 2015

the road to success

“You need to net-work to increase your net-worth.” Although this advice was given to me long ago, it took me many years to truly understand the value of networking.

The Road to Success

As we have all heard, there are many paths to success. However, it seems that there is ...

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Viewing Your Business from a Different Angle

Joshua Chewning | 09 Jul 2015

Josh Chewning Assess Your Business

Do you know every step you take consciously/subconsciously when beginning an assessment, then all the way to the point when you close the sale? How many steps are involved? Do you always follow the same steps? Or, are you like most personal trainers who have never paid much attention ...

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