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Heavenly Hummus with Black Eyed Peas

Teri Gentes | 24 May 2015

Heavenly Hummus with Black Eyed Peas


Gluten Free, Vegan 

Hey health and food fans, I’m owning up to my addiction to hummus. It’s a staple in my house – at least all of the ingredients are along with numerous recipe options. This particular recipe came together post a month on ...

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Do You Deliver What You Promise?

Kim Bibeau | 18 May 2015


When my husband and I opened our doors five years ago, we honestly had no idea what exactly we were getting into. We had a passion for exercise and fitness and wanted to share it with our community. We came from two different sides of the tracks: me, the ...

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Teaching the Hip Hinge for Better Posture

Kevin Mullins | 14 May 2015

A fast-paced world where people spend more time resting on their backside while bouncing between various pieces of furniture has left many individuals with terrible posture. Furthermore, low back pain, upper cross syndrome, and poor breathing patterns are rapidly chipping away at our population’s quality of life.

When these problems ...

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Why I Love Being an Outdoor Personal Trainer

Sarah O'Neill | 11 May 2015

Since setting out as a self-employed Personal Trainer back in early 2009 I have always worked in the great outdoors, and I love it. Here's my rundown of the highs and lows and things to consider if you're thinking of setting up in the great outdoors.

The Highs:

Training the New Mum: Intuitive-Based Training

Kylianne Turton | 07 May 2015

When you become a new mum, everything changes.

Our body has entered a whole new realm of life. We experience something that is not only unique to women, but has been taken on an exclusive journey that will never be replicated.

Each mother experiences something different and how they need to ...

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