The Less-Discussed Pressures on Males in Fitness

Kevin Mullins | 17 Jul 2018

The effect of popular media and the fitness industry upon people’s body image is nothing new. In fact, for years we’ve successfully fought back against the energies that trapped women into thinking only one body type was right. With each passing day, women have shown that the female form ...

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Group Fitness Classes - Pros, Cons and How to Successfully Run a Group Class

Andrew Props | 13 Jul 2018

Group fitness classes are on the rise. They provide a different environment than the typical individual training session for many reasons. Accountability, motivation, structure and variety are just a few of these reasons. Many people seem to be flocking to these different classes to see what the ‘latest and ...

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What Should You Look for from an Employer?

Dean Zweck | 10 Jul 2018

You just finished your PT certification and now you need to find a job. Do you set up your own studio? Do you train from home? Maybe set up an online business?

Or, do what most PTs do and get a job in a health club or gym? Access to ...

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Looking Back on My First Three Years in The Fitness Industry

Nicholas Lapointe | 19 Jun 2018

I’m going to share with you what I have found I’ve learned about myself, my training methods, and working in the fitness industry as a whole through my first three years as a personal trainer and strength coach, and how this has changed over the course of these three ...

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How Important is Your Personality?

Paul Hooper | 12 Jun 2018

Any successful Personal Trainer will tell you that a good personality will always benefit your ability to build a good client base and attract the right clients to your service.

Potential clients want trust, honesty and above all else, fun from their Personal Trainer and if you cannot provide that ...

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