Introduction to Female Hormones

Trinity Perkins | 12 Dec 2017

I was doing a nutrition consultation with a woman who was so excited because she finally got her husband on board with heathy eating and exercise. She loved exercising with him and cooking dinner was less of a chore now that they were eating most of the same foods. ...

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Strength In Numbers

Jessica Botte | 29 Nov 2017

We’re going to talk about math and relate some numbers to the health of your business. OK FREEZE. DO NOT CLOSE THIS POST AND MOVE ON TO THE NEXT ARTICLE …I know that this may be intimidating for some, but I promise to make it painless. Stick with me ...

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Mastering the Pull-Up

Kevin Mullins | 08 Nov 2017

The pull-up, or even its chin-up variance, is one of the most sought after accomplishments in physical fitness. It goes beyond age, gender, and fitness level. There is just something incredible about being able to grab something above your head and pull yourself up to it that draws our ...

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Intermittent Fasting Personal Experience

Andrew Props | 03 Nov 2017

Let me first start this post off by saying that this is in no way intended to be taken as nutritional advice. You should always consult your doctor or healthcare professional before starting any new diet/nutritional plan. This is simply my experience from the month that I tried intermittent ...

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The Importance of The Relationship Between the Healthcare Professionals and the Personal Trainer

Natalie Davis | 31 Oct 2017


We are personal trainers. We have a special relationship with our clients and play a crucial role in promoting their health and well-being. We take pride in this and love our jobs, and sometimes we become ...

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