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How to Create Your Own YouTube Exercise Library

Joshua Chewning | 24 Jun 2016

Often times, there is a need to create programs for clients to do when they’re not with us or for clients that have purchased a program from us. We need to be able to quickly retrieve the exercises to put in our program and not fear being notified that ...

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What I Am Teaching My Daughter About Movement

Kylianne Turton | 17 Jun 2016

Kylianne Turton with daughter, Myka, outside with ViPR

As a mother, Myka has led me to discover why I am so passionate about movement and investing in my health. It has also got me thinking about how we as fitness professionals, who train pregnant and post natal clients, are contributing to something much greater than ourselves that we possibly haven’t considered ...

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Good Things Come to Those Who Walk

Dean Hodgkin | 10 Jun 2016

man on walk

Perhaps due to the easy access, low or no cost and the fact that most of us do it every day, walking is possibly the most undervalued of training methods; yet, its value in burning calories and therefore helping your clients to achieve their weight-loss and shape up goals, ...

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An Introduction to Volume Training

Paul Hooper | 02 Jun 2016

Across the fitness landscape, a new movement is gaining significant traction: Volume Training. It is fast becoming the most effective and widely used form of training to lose weight and build lean muscle.

Gone are the days of doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps. Nowadays it’s more like 5-6 sets ...

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Is It Time to Unplug from Fitness Technology?

Giovanni Roselli | 30 May 2016

marty from back to the future on a hoverboard

I have to admit; I have a love/hate relationship with technology.  I know it is necessary and important, but I often wonder if we, as a society, are becoming too reliant on it.  Although not everything that Marty McFly and Back to the Future II predicted may ...

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