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No Cartilage in Ankle

by Anthony Carey
Date Released : 08 Jun 2004


I have a client who has no cartilage in his ankle joint. What exercises do I need to avoid and what exercises should I work on?


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Koudelkova, Ivana | 31 Aug 2010, 20:29 PM
My client has acute athritis in the ankle from a car accident few years ago. I did basic fitness assesment OHS and I found out that she can not squat at all. She can do lunges and I think that she may have missing cartilage. Could you please advice me on the right exercises that she should be doing. Her fitness goal is to get into shape and to Improve her fitness level. She is very active and training 5 times a week: 3 x Pillates, 1 x with Personal Trainer and 1 x gym session. Her RHR is very high so the first I want to focus on is to improve her stanima and endurance to Improve her Fitness Levels. My client is 35 yrs old and generally she is slim with a good body fat range. I know that I shouldn't be doing any high impact exercises so could you please advice me on a few different exercises she could be doing.